FleetZero Joins Forces with EVoke Systems to Deliver Scalable Energy Management Solutions for Zero Emission Fleets

The partnership between FleetZero and EVoke Systems aims to offer sustainable solutions for energy management challenges associated with EV adoption, while facilitating the transition to zero emissions for both public and private fleets.

What’s Happening

FleetZero Inc. and EVoke Systems have disclosed a strategic partnership aimed at assisting fleets in their transition to zero emissions. The alliance grants FleetZero the authority to circulate EVoke System’s innovative cloud platform, devised to simplify the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging infrastructure while effectively managing energy and grid interaction.

Why It Matters

As fleets transition towards zero-emission vehicles, they face significant energy management challenges. The collaboration between FleetZero and EVoke Systems could serve as a pivotal point in overcoming these challenges. The cloud-based platform offered by EVoke equips fleets with an open, scalable system to reduce energy costs and ensure EV readiness, thus playing a critical role in shaping sustainable transport models.

Key Points

EVoke Systems’ platform offers a simplified transition to a unified EV charging system, guaranteeing that fleets remain charged and operational. It enhances data-driven optimization across entire charging ecosystems, future-proofing solutions to ensure the sustainable operation of EVs.

FleetZero, leveraging its global team, provides advisory services and turnkey solutions to enable fleets to navigate low carbon pathways. Their services range from conducting feasibility studies to developing maintenance policies and standard operating procedures.

Bottom Line

The strategic alliance between FleetZero, a renowned provider of energy transition solutions, and EVoke Systems, a pioneer in electric vehicle charging, can help clients implement green fleet strategies. By providing scalable solutions to energy management challenges, the partnership underscores the increasing importance of software solutions in the transition towards zero-emission vehicles. Based in Toronto and Tampa respectively, FleetZero and EVoke Systems are prepared to utilize their collective global fleet and infrastructure expertise, deep ecosystem networks, and AI-enhanced technology solutions to facilitate the drive towards sustainable transport.


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