FLO: EV Charging Trends and Insights

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Recent findings from a comprehensive survey conducted by FLO, a forefront runner in the North American electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, shed light on the pivotal role of Direct Current (DC) fast chargers for EV drivers, especially during extended journeys. This survey, encapsulating responses from nearly 40,000 EV drivers across the U.S. and Canada, offers valuable insights into their charging habits and preferences, particularly emphasizing the significance of onsite amenities during charging sessions.

Key Highlights:

  • DC fast chargers are essential for long trips, with 42% of respondents using them at least once a month and 60% depending on them for extended or multi-city travel.
  • Charging time doubles as leisure time, with 51% engaging in on-site amenities and 60% opting to eat or purchase refreshments.
  • A diverse charger usage pattern was observed, indicating the necessity of a comprehensive charging infrastructure.
  • The survey underscores the critical need for reliable public charging networks, especially for the 29% of EV owners without home charging solutions.

The survey’s findings are pivotal, illustrating a clear preference among EV drivers for DC fast charging during longer trips and the utilization of charging time for leisure and errands, with a notable 60% of respondents opting to dine or shop. This insight not only informs infrastructure development but also highlights consumer behaviors and preferences, which are crucial for enhancing the EV charging experience.

Furthermore, the data reveals a significant reliance on public charging infrastructure, accentuating the importance of a robust and reliable network. This is particularly vital for the 29% of respondents without access to home charging stations, underscoring the ongoing need for expansion in public charging solutions.

The survey also unveils a varied usage of charging station types, with a mix of Level 2 and DC fast chargers. This variety underscores the necessity for a diverse charging network that can cater to different needs, whether for quick top-ups or longer charging sessions, accommodating residents of various living situations.

Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO, emphasizes the survey’s role in guiding the enhancement of North America’s charging infrastructure, stating, “Hearing from almost 40,000 EV drivers is extremely informative and points towards the effectiveness of both at home and public charging networks in supporting the day-to-day lives of most EV drivers.”

This survey is instrumental for FLO as it continues to expand its own-and-operate network of fast chargers, ensuring the deployment of the FLO Ultra charger, capable of charging most new EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes. Such advancements not only cater to the immediate needs of EV drivers but also contribute to a sustainable future by facilitating the transition to electric mobility.

For further details on FLO’s innovative charging solutions and their commitment to accelerating EV adoption, visit flo.com.

About FLO: FLO stands out as a leading EV charging network operator in North America, driving forward the adoption of electric vehicles through comprehensive charging solutions. With over 100,000 fast and Level 2 charging stations across public, private, and residential settings, FLO is dedicated to providing an exceptional charging experience, supporting over 1.5 million charging events monthly.

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