FLO’s Curbside Chargers Demonstrates High Uptime in NYC DOT Evaluation Report

What’s Happening

A recently released evaluation report on the NYC Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Curbside Level 2 EV Charging Pilot Program reveals that FLO curbside chargers maintained an impressive uptime of over 99% throughout the initial 18-month duration of the program. The pioneering initiative, begun in June 2021, was a collaborative effort between the NYC DOT, Consolidated Edison (Con Ed), and FLO®, a prominent electric vehicle (EV) charging company and intelligent charging solutions provider in North America.

Why It Matters

This report offers one of the first comprehensive evaluations of a curbside Level 2 EV charging program globally. The performance and utilization patterns of the FLO chargers, deployed for this pilot program, provide crucial insights for policymakers and stakeholders in large cities intending to introduce curbside chargers.

Key Points

The evaluation, covering five boroughs with a total of 100 public FLO curbside Level 2 charging stations, logged close to 50,000 charging sessions initiated by 7,200 unique users. The overall utilization of the system reached 34% by December 2022. Furthermore, the efficiency rate, indicating the percentage of time that vehicles were actively charging while plugged in, stood at 81%. Louis Tremblay, FLO’s CEO, affirmed that the curbside chargers are effectively meeting the needs of NYC’s EV drivers due to their operational uptime of more than 99% and accessibility across all boroughs.

Bottom Line

The success of the FLO curbside chargers aligns with the rapid EV adoption in NYC, and the city’s bold plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To cater to the anticipated demand from almost 400,000 EVs expected to be registered in NYC by 2030, the city will require over 40,000 publicly accessible Level 2 chargers. The positive outcomes of this pilot program underline the role of FLO chargers in advancing NYC’s transition to a cleaner transportation future, and their potential to contribute to similar transformations in other major cities.


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