Ford Capri Reimagined for EV Era

Ford announces the return of the beloved Capri, now reimagined for the electric vehicle era. The classic sports coupe, adored by families across Europe, has been transformed with a modern purpose while retaining its iconic design features.

Key Highlights:

  • Rebirth of the classic Ford Capri as an all-electric vehicle
  • Partnership with French football legend Eric Cantona for the launch
  • 620km driving range with fast-charging capability
  • 570 liters of boot space
  • Advanced safety features and intelligent technologies
  • Massaging driver’s seat and sliding touchscreen

In an exciting collaboration, French football legend Eric Cantona fronts the launch of the new Capri. He stated, “Some say legends are born. Others say legends are made. Only legends really know. This Capri is a remarkable reinterpretation of the classic. A sports coupe for the family. But, more importantly, it’s all-electric. That is the future. Legends apologize for nothing.”

The all-electric Capri is designed with a rebellious spirit, boasting a color palette and style that harken back to its predecessor. The new EV captures the essence of the original Capri with its distinctive headlights, body shape, and rear design. It offers a substantial driving range of over 620km and features fast-charging capabilities, ensuring it meets the needs of modern drivers.

Ford Capri

Inside, the Capri provides more than 570 liters of boot space, making it a practical choice for families. The EV also incorporates cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing the driving experience and ensuring safety. Features such as automated lane changes and cyclist detection when opening doors reflect Ford’s commitment to innovation. Additionally, the standard massaging driver’s seat and sliding touchscreen add to the comfort and convenience of the vehicle.

The all-electric Ford Capri represents a harmonious blend of heritage and future-forward thinking, offering a sports car experience that celebrates its storied past while embracing modern advancements.

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