Taipei, Taiwan – Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”), the world’s largest technology manufacturer and service provider, announced two, new self-developed electric vehicles at its third annual Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD): the MODEL B crossover hatchback and the MODEL V all-terrain, electric pickup.

At the same time, Foxconn showcased for the first time its self-developed HHEV.OS electric vehicle software platform, which can meet the highest vehicle safety level of software design, greatly reducing the time for software and hardware integration and development in the industry. Key components, such as electric power steering (EPS) system, solid-state battery and silicon carbide power module, were also on display.

In continuation of Hon Hai’s “3+3=∞” multi-year strategy, this year’s HHTD promotes the idea of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) in the field of electric vehicles through the next decade. C-suite charisma kicked off the event with Hon Hai Chairman Young Liu taking the stage in a sleek, new MODEL C to keynote and introduce the EVs, key components, HHEV.OS and the important research and development role of the Hon Hai Research Institute.

Hon Hai upending EMS concept going forward

Hon Hai Tech Day goes to the roots of the Group. The date marks the birthday of the Group’s Founder. “I am able to test out Hon Hai’s EV creations each year on this day. It has become the highlight of my birthday!” said Hon Hai Founder Terry Gou. “The rapid development of Hon Hai in the field of electric vehicles is a continuation of the Group’s growth and innovation. In the past, we assisted global brand customers to transform the consumer electronics industry chain, step by step, providing consumers with extraordinary and affordable technology products. In the future, Hon Hai will certainly redefine the EV industry and provide drivers with safe and comfortable user experience in transportation.”

“In the next 10 years, Hon Hai will redefine CDMO for the automotive field, promote vertical integration services in the EV industry, and assist customers in developing electric vehicle products agilely according to different markets, different models, and different needs.” said Hon Hai Chairman and CEO Young Liu. “We will continue to optimize the user experience through the vertical integration of software and hardware, which is what Hon Hai is best at, allowing automakers to focus on product design and brand promotion, further transforming mobility lifestyles.”

Model B

MODEL B an urban crossover with beauty & handling performance

The brand-new concept prototype MODEL B crossover is the mainstream for the younger generation. It is based on the MODEL C platform, but with changes to the platform size and a new body design. Its S-duct design, the streamlined roof, and the innovative air curtain on the C-pillar greatly reduce air turbulence. This allows the MODEL B to achieve an excellent drag coefficient of 0.26. As a personalized urban car, the compact 4.3-meter MODEL B has a cruising range of 450 kilometers and uses a 2.8-meter wheelbase to create a comfortable, roomy cockpit.

MODEL C is Taiwan’s 1st EV to go into production

MODEL C, as the first EV built on the MIH open platform, has gone directly from last year’s concept prototype to this year’s production vehicle, fully demonstrating Hon Hai’s automotive manufacturing capabilities. With a drag coefficient of 0.28, a 0-to-100 km/h acceleration of 3.8 seconds and a distance range of nearly 700 kilometers, this model is electric, economical and multi-functional, meeting car owners’ expectations. The production version of the MODEL C is anticipated to hit the roads in Taiwan in the second half of 2023.

Foxconn Model C

MODEL V is Taiwan’s 1st self-developed electric pickup

With the milestone debut of the first made-in-Taiwan electric pickup MODEL V, Hon Hai completes its range of passenger cars and large commercial vehicles. The MODEL V is the result of the vertical integration of Hon Hai and MIH alliance partners. It is the first electric pickup designed and developed in Taiwan. With a payload of up to 1 ton and a greater towing capacity of 3 tons, its dynamic performance has the ability to traverse all terrains.

The EV pickup adopts a double-cab, 5-seat configuration. Sensors surrounding the body are combined with electronic rearview mirrors and a display screen to integrate the instrument panel, which not only improves safety, but offers intelligent technology to users. The overall experience suits all types of drivers, whether their journey takes them through urban neighborhoods or the rugged outdoors.

HHEV. OS architecture creates ideal EV software platform

To lower the entry threshold for the electric vehicle industry, Foxconn simplified the complexity of software development and greatly shortened the development time through HHEV.OS. This ideal EV software platform has excellent scalability, conforms to vehicle regulations and safety, and ensures instant and reliable transmission. Through the HHEV.OS software platform, EV designers can focus on the most valuable development work and achieve the purpose of rapid product launch. At the same time, Hon Hai will also apply to MIH to make HHEV.OS the standard for the MIH software open platform.

Key automotive components being showcased this year at HHTD are ever more powerful, small, precise and safety-assured. The self-developed “EPS Electric Power Steering System” is an upgrade to a 48V motor, compared with the traditional 12V motor, while shrinking in size by 20%. On top of adhering to the highest safety integrity ASIL-D standards, the component breakthroughs attest to Hon Hai’s key technical capabilities in motors, automotive ECUs, ball screws, and other important mechanisms. On display are solid-state batteries that stand up to safety and withstand temperature change, and silicon carbide power modules with a variety of heat dissipation base plate structures to meet the various power performance requirements of EVs. These key components being exhibited demonstrate the integrity of the upstream and downstream EV supply chain.

At the first annual HHTD in 2020, Foxconn announced the MIH open platform, promoting standards-based, modules-based and platforms-based technologies. Through sharing and division of labor, Foxconn is changing the traditional automotive industry system and establishing an open, technical standard and supply chain. At the second HHTD in 2021, Hon Hai launched three electric vehicles, MODEL C, MODEL E, and MODEL T. With a diverse product line in EVs, Foxconn is demonstrating nimble R&D and manufacturing of electric vehicles. At the third HHTD 2022, Hon Hai not only expands the breadth of its EV offerings but also redefines CDMO to promote vertical integration services to bring to humankind a more intelligent lifestyle.