FUCHS Lubricants: Driving Innovation in E-Mobility Technology

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The e-mobility landscape is constantly evolving. The change in just one system can have a rippling effect over the entire design and its supply chain. The best example is the electric battery. With the introduction of the battery, weight needs to be reduced to extend battery life, thus necessitating lightweight materials like advanced high strength steel and aluminum. These metals require different lubricants for forming and stamping than are required with traditional steel. 

But this is just one example of dozens or hundreds of areas where new materials, technologies, and manufacturing methods are required to meet the needs of emerging e-mobility design. For suppliers, the solutions they provide must meet completely new requirements – including the selection of high-quality, proven lubrication solutions to achieve optimum performance. 

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It is important to work with lubrication suppliers that stay abreast of the latest e-mobility trends and will work with you to develop solutions that fulfill your needs. Additionally, in today’s global economy it is ideal to work with suppliers with a comprehensive, globally available portfolio to mitigate risk in your supply chain. With more than 90 years of experience, global key account managers, a worldwide R&D network, and local support services, FUCHS is the lubrication supplier determined to exceed your expectations. 

FUCHS Lubricants: Driving Innovation in E-Mobility Technology

Everything You Need Around Lubrication

With long-term automotive experience, a wide range of products, and expertise in all areas, FUCHS stands for top performance and quality over decades. There are many complex applications for specialized lubricants, thermofluids, and functional coatings in electric and hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, FUCHS works on solutions for an efficient, robust production of the components and ensure compatibility with operating materials. FUCHS finds the right products for any vehicle both reliably and flexibly – whether it is for lubrication, cooling, protecting or cleaning.

FUCHS is well-versed in developing suitable lubricants with ideal properties and high performance for new applications. High-end solutions for customers can only be produced with dedicated products for extreme friction reduction and improved heat transfer, considering the special requirements of electric components. The FUCHS BluEV product line was created for these dedicated e-mobility solutions. 

Always Innovating

Innovation driven by experience – at FUCHS, you benefit from global and local R&D testing capabilities. You have access to FUCHS’ worldwide know-how network, providing outstanding analytical skills and virtual development capabilities. With a comprehensive R&D approach, FUCHS develops customer-tailored system solutions.

Customers are often also keen to use existing lubrication solutions in electrified drive systems. FUCHS is happy to test these to determine if they can be used to meet new requirements and help customers select and adapt the product to their respective system.

Globally Available Portfolio

Customers benefit from FUCHS’ vast technical knowledge as experts in global key account management, R&D, product management, and engineering. Through uniform global standards, FUCHS products and solutions are available worldwide. And with a global supply chain, FUCHS supports customers in two dimensions: business contingency plans through production redundancies and the ability to handle complex logistics with customer proximity. FUCHS provides you globally OEM-approved core products, with full registration according to regional chemical inventories.

Moving Mobility Together

FUCHS is the number one lubrication partner for e-mobility applications. With globally available engineering and technology experts FUCHS can collaborate closely with you – no matter your location worldwide. As reliable problem solvers and development partners, FUCHS tackles complex problems and supports you with a hands-on approach. An approach that is driven by experienced global key account management, offering you “a single face to the customer.” Transparent communication and practical support – that’s how FUCHS works together with its customers.

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