Grounded Introduces 250-Mile Electric Motorhome

Detroit-based electric RV pioneer, Grounded, has unveiled the G2, heralded as the world’s first solar-equipped RV with a 250-mile range. This announcement comes on the heels of the Grounded G1’s release, which had a more modest 100-mile range.

Why It Matters

The G2 presents a significant shift in the RV market, as it’s the first motorhome to offer a 250-mile electric range, bridging the gap between sustainable travel and convenience. Grounded CEO Sam Shapiro emphasized, “The G2 is a game-changer. It not only ushers in the era of fully electrified motorhomes but also brings adaptability to the forefront, ensuring that the vehicle evolves with the user’s changing needs.”

Key Points

  • G2 Overview:
    • Built on the BrightDrop Zevo 600 platform, offering 615 sq. ft. of living space.
    • Features all-wheel drive and can cover over 250 miles fully loaded on one charge.
    • Equipped with a 165kWh vehicle battery, an additional 10kWh house battery, and a 640-Watt rooftop solar unit.
  • Advanced Features:
    • Starlink ensures high-speed internet access.
    • Comfort features include rear heating and cooling, ample storage, indoor shower, wet bath options, hot water, and induction stovetops.
    • Grounded+ App lets users monitor energy usage, control appliances remotely, and view battery and water levels.
  • Safety & Service:
    • Advanced safety measures such as pedestrian braking, parking assist, and Lane Keep Assist.
    • BrightDrop offers a widespread service network, and the RV can be charged at a plethora of EV stations, potentially including Tesla supercharging locations in the future.
  • Warranties:
    • Vehicle platform warranty by BrightDrop covers 8 years or 100,000 miles.
    • Grounded offers a one-year interior warranty against product defects.

Modular Interior

Grounded’s G2 showcases a grid-based modular interior. Users can personalize their RV layout from a module library. The flexibility extends to on-the-fly adjustments thanks to easy-to-use mounting rails. The modern, sustainable interior is amplified by the use of KoskiDecor Eco Transparent, offering 11 interior colors. This decorative plywood is crafted from Finnish Baltic birch, coated with melamine for durability. The design, inspired by Nordic outdoor gear, offers options like a spacious queen bed, seating for seven, a pull-out table, and a kitchen. Grounded plans to launch an online storefront for additional module purchases within six months.

Bottom Line

The Grounded G2 sets the stage for sustainable RV travel with its extended range and customizable, user-friendly features. This launch signifies a major advancement in electrified motorhome solutions, making eco-conscious travel more accessible and appealing.


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