GSM Hits 50 Million Customers

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In just one year since its inception, Green and Smart Mobility Joint Stock Company (GSM) has impressively served over 50 million customers, marking a significant milestone in Vietnam’s sustainable transportation sector. Launched on April 14, 2023, in Hanoi, GSM introduced the first-ever comprehensive transportation solution utilizing 100% VinFast electric vehicles. This initiative has not only facilitated the rapid expansion across numerous provinces but also significantly contributed to environmental sustainability by preventing an estimated 52,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Key Highlights:

  • Rapid Expansion: GSM now operates in 36 provinces and cities across Vietnam.
  • Innovative Services: Introduction of the Xanh SM Platform, enhancing electric vehicle utilization.
  • Environmental Impact: Achieved a reduction of approximately 52,000 tons of CO2 emissions.
  • Market Impact: Secured an 18.17% market share within the Vietnamese ride-hailing market.

Since its launch, GSM has diversified its offerings beyond electric taxis to include electric motorbike transportation, delivery services, and customizable all-inclusive electric car transportation packages. This expansion includes the innovative Xanh SM Platform, a collaborative network connecting VinFast electric car owners across the country for shared rides and revenue opportunities.

The company’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond transportation. GSM has donated nearly 30 billion VND to Vingroup’s For Green Future Foundation, supporting broader ecological initiatives. Through these actions, GSM underscores its dedication to sustainable practices and green innovation.

In a significant leap towards global recognition, GSM has not only cemented its presence in Vietnam but also ventured into Laos, marking its first step in international expansion. The company’s strategy indicates plans to operate in 9 countries by 2025, setting the stage for GSM to emerge as a leader in global electric ride-hailing services.

Reflecting on the past year’s successes, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Global CEO of GSM, stated, “GSM’s impressive achievements are a testament to both customer acceptance and the dedication of our pioneering team. Together, they have brought green transportation and delivery solutions closer to everyone.” This statement highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to merging convenience with sustainability.

As GSM progresses into its second year, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver green, convenient, and sustainable transportation solutions, aiming to lead the charge towards a more eco-friendly future in global mobility. With a robust foundation and a clear vision, GSM is poised for further growth and innovation in the electric vehicle sector.

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