Hagman Search Secures Top Talent for Pivotal EVSE Sales Leadership Role

Hagman Search recently showcased its expert recruitment services with the successful placement of a EVSE sales leader for a key client in the electric vehicle segment.

What’s Happening

Hagman Search, a leading executive search firm, recently announced its success in placing a key sales leader in the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) industry. The firm’s success further demonstrates its dedication to helping companies source the ideal talent in the burgeoning EVSE sector.

Why It Matters

With the EVSE market experiencing unprecedented growth, there is a critical need for competent leadership to guide sales operations. Brian Hagman, President of Hagman Search, emphasized the importance of this placement, stating, “The rapid expansion of the EVSE market necessitated the procurement of an accomplished Sales Leader for our client.”

Key Points

The newly placed EVSE Sales Leader, who remains unnamed due to privacy reasons, brings extensive expertise and a proven track record in the EVSE sector. This individual’s credentials, including the adept handling of sales teams and a history of significant sales achievements, set them apart. Hagman further mentioned, “Hagman Search strives to source not merely a candidate, but the right candidate. Our meticulous, custom-fit approach differentiates us. We excel in understanding our clients’ distinct needs and ensuring their continued business success with the perfect candidate.”

Bottom Line

Hagman Search has proven to be an invaluable ally for businesses in the Braking, eMobility, and Automated Driving segments over the last decade. The firm’s deep comprehension of market dynamics and talent requisites has led to its selection by companies seeking to bolster their teams. The recent successful placement of this position underscores the firm’s commitment and expertise in this field. Hagman Search anticipates further growth in the electric vehicle industry and looks forward to enabling more businesses to succeed by connecting them with exceptional leadership.

For more about Hagman Search and its services, please visit www.hagmansearch.com.

About Hagman Search

Hagman Search leads the executive search sector specializing in the electric vehicle industry. With a wealth of experience and profound knowledge of market dynamics, the firm consistently delivers superior talent solutions, propelling businesses toward success in the fast-growing EVSE market.


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