Highland Electric Fleets Named to TIME’s Influential Companies List

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Highland Electric Fleets has been honored by TIME as one of the 100 most influential companies globally, specifically recognized in the Pioneers category. The company’s notable contributions to the transition to electric school buses and advancing zero-emission transportation have garnered this prestigious recognition.

Key Highlights:

  • Electrification-as-a-Service Leader: Highland Electric Fleets specializes in providing Electrification-as-a-Service (EaaS) for school districts, governments, and fleet operators across North America.
  • Pioneering Efforts: The company has successfully deployed over 600 electric school buses, emphasizing its commitment to zero-emissions transportation.
  • Health and Economic Benefits: Electric school buses offer cost savings on fuel and maintenance, and they improve air quality by reducing tailpipe emissions, benefiting children’s health.
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Programs: Highland has pioneered V2G programs that stabilize the grid by allowing buses to store and supply energy during varying demand periods.
  • CEO’s Vision: Duncan McIntyre, CEO and founder, started Highland to make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible, inspired by a personal experience with his son’s proximity to diesel bus emissions.

To create this influential list, TIME gathered nominations from various sectors and consulted its global network of contributors, correspondents, and outside experts. Each company was evaluated based on impact, innovation, ambition, and success. The outcome is a diverse collection of 100 businesses shaping the future.

Highland Electric Fleets stands out for its role in facilitating the switch to electric vehicles. The company’s comprehensive range of services makes it easier and more affordable for school districts, governments, and fleet operators in the U.S. and Canada to transition to electric transportation. By deploying over 600 electric school buses, Highland has made significant strides in reducing emissions and promoting cleaner air.

As part of its mission, Highland is dedicated to ensuring that all communities can enjoy the economic, health, and safety advantages of electric fleets. Electric school buses are more cost-effective than their diesel counterparts due to lower fuel and maintenance expenses. Additionally, these buses contribute to improved air quality by eliminating tailpipe emissions, thereby reducing respiratory issues among children, especially those with preexisting conditions. By cutting down on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, electric school buses also promote healthier communities.

Highland’s innovative vehicle-to-grid (V2G) programs play a crucial role in grid stability. These programs allow the grid to draw energy from bus batteries during high demand and store excess energy during low demand, balancing supply and demand effectively.

Duncan McIntyre’s vision for Highland Electric Fleets was sparked by a personal encounter. “I started Highland because I saw my 5-year-old son standing next to a school bus and realized his head was the same height as the diesel tailpipe,” said McIntyre. “To be recognized by TIME as one of the most influential companies for making access to electric vehicles more affordable and accessible for all communities is a tremendous testament to the trust and partnership we have with school districts and municipalities across the country, and I am deeply humbled.”

About Highland Electric Fleets: Founded in 2019, Highland Electric Fleets is the leading provider of Electrification-as-a-Service for school districts, governments, and fleet operators in North America. Active in 30 states and Canada, Highland is responsible for pioneering the use of electric school buses in commercial vehicle-to-grid (V2G) programs and managing the largest electric school bus project in the U.S. To learn more, visit Highland Electric Fleets.

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