Home Electrification Simplified with Qmerit Launch

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Qmerit introduces PowerHouse by Qmerit™, a comprehensive suite of residential electrification services. This innovative service includes vehicle-to-home (V2H) backup power and integrates EV charging, solar panels, and energy storage, offering consumers enhanced energy resilience and cost savings.

Key Highlights:

  • Simplified Home Electrification: PowerHouse by Qmerit™ streamlines the process of acquiring and implementing residential electrification equipment.
  • Broad Range of Services: Includes bidirectional EV charging, solar panels, energy storage, load centers, heat pumps, and more.
  • Comprehensive Support: Helps homeowners select suitable products and provides implementation through a network of licensed electricians.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Offers market-competitive quotes and identifies federal, state, and local incentives to reduce upfront costs.
  • Enhanced Energy Management: Allows homeowners to manage energy flows and provide emergency backup power.

PowerHouse by Qmerit™ simplifies the acquisition and implementation of residential electrification equipment such as bidirectional EV charging, solar panels, energy storage, load centers, heat pumps, and other related technologies. Homeowners and builders can access the service directly through an EV auto manufacturer program or a direct-to-consumer interest form.

This service not only aids in selecting the best-suited electrification products but also ensures seamless implementation and integration using Qmerit’s trusted network of licensed and certified electricians. Additionally, PowerHouse by Qmerit™ offers competitive quotes based on successful electrification projects across North America, taking into account regional variability. It also identifies available incentives to reduce upfront costs and helps consumers explore ongoing savings or income-generating opportunities with their local utility.

Qmerit CEO Tracy K. Price highlights the importance of this initiative: “America has arrived at an inflection point in which all of the technical, policy and financial elements are in place to support a societal shift toward whole-home electrification.” PowerHouse by Qmerit™ aims to assemble these complex elements into a simple, financeable home-energy retrofit, facilitating easier implementation.

With this launch, consumers can make informed decisions at any stage of their electrification journey. Whether starting with a single component like EV charging or solar panels or pursuing integrated systems that provide advanced energy management, homeowners can benefit significantly. Bidirectional technology enables sending excess energy to the utility, supporting a cleaner, more resilient grid and the rise of virtual power plants (VPPs).

The growing adoption of electric vehicles with bidirectional capability and the proliferation of net metering laws in 34 states, allowing utilities to credit homeowners for solar power, are significant drivers of home electrification. Additionally, billions of dollars in federal, state, and local incentives are available, such as the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Rebate Program and the Electrification and Appliance Rebates Program, which aim to reduce the upfront costs of whole-home energy efficiency upgrades and efficient electric technologies.

Price concludes, “Momentum is building for whole-home electrification like never before. Qmerit is excited to launch PowerHouse by Qmerit™ to bring it all together on behalf of the consumer.”

About Qmerit:

Qmerit is North America’s leading provider of implementation solutions for EV charging and other energy transition technologies. Their services are delivered through a network of company-owned contractors, independent Certified Solutions Partners, and Certified Installers skilled in system implementation and integration. Qmerit partners with top automakers globally and boasts high customer experience scores. For more information, visit Qmerit.

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