HONGQI EH7 Shines in NAF Range Test

HONGQI’s EH7 secured an impressive second place in the recent NAF range test, surpassing numerous prestigious brands such as Tesla, BMW, and Audi. This achievement underscores HONGQI’s dedication to delivering high-quality, high-performance electric vehicles. Testers praised the EH7 for its exceptional range, smooth driving experience, quiet operation, and remarkable comfort, highlighting the brand’s commitment to superior user experience through technological innovation and refinement.

Key Highlights:

  • Second place in NAF range test, outperforming Tesla, BMW, and Audi
  • Praises for exceptional range, smooth driving, quiet operation, and comfort
  • Significant debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed as the official partner
  • Global pre-sales opening for the EH7 at Goodwood
  • Static display of five models and participation in the classic hillclimb race
  • Enhanced software and display systems in production models

HONGQI is set to make a significant debut at the renowned Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is renowned globally as a prestigious motorsport event, and HONGQI has become the official partner for the 2024 event. Most notably, HONGQI will open global pre-sales for its advanced electric vehicle, the EH7. At this event, HONGQI will feature a static display of five models. Additionally, three new energy models — the EH7, EHS7, and the EHS9 — will compete alongside world-class luxury cars in the classic hillclimb race. With powerful performance and exceptional handling, HONGQI aims to deliver a gripping, high-speed experience.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed provides an ideal platform for HONGQI to demonstrate its latest advancements. The production models, including the EH7 and EHS7, have been optimized with enhanced software and display systems, ensuring a superior driving experience. European media will be invited to experience these enhancements firsthand during the festival, experiencing the upgraded charm of HONGQI’s driving and riding.

As a distinguished Chinese luxury brand, HONGQI is dedicated to offering high-quality vehicles that deliver both exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology for European consumers. Based on a commitment to innovation and sustainability, with the ethos of “better ride, better life,” the brand aims to provide an unparalleled experience to customers worldwide.

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