Hyundai IONIQ 5 Earns Top All-Wheel Drive Accolade from New England Motor Press

Hyundai’s all-electric IONIQ 5 has been recognized as the best all-wheel drive vehicle by the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA). This accolade is a testament to the vehicle’s superior performance, design, and features, particularly in challenging weather conditions.

Why It Matters

The NEMPA’s recognition of the IONIQ 5 underscores Hyundai’s commitment to delivering high-quality, all-weather electric vehicles. This award is particularly significant given that it comes from an organization representing one of the most densely populated regions in the United States, known for its challenging winter conditions.

Key Points

  • The IONIQ 5 was evaluated alongside numerous other vehicles over the winter months, with the NEMPA assessing each vehicle’s content, interior and exterior design, and capability.
  • The IONIQ 5 stood out for its combination of winter-specific features and options, as well as its dynamic qualities that make for safe, enjoyable, and competent all-weather driving.
  • NEMPA President, Clifford Atiyeh, highlighted the IONIQ 5 as a “statement piece for Hyundai” and a practical choice for New England drivers, who are increasingly purchasing this EV for its style, space, and all-wheel drive performance.

About the New England Motor Press Association

The NEMPA is a guild of working journalists across six states, delivering trusted content to millions of car shoppers in New England and nationally across various media outlets. For nearly 35 years, NEMPA has played an integral role in the automotive industry, conducting rigorous vehicle testing and recognizing the people making it all possible.

Bottom Line

Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 earning the title of best all-wheel drive vehicle from the NEMPA is a significant achievement. It not only validates Hyundai’s efforts in creating a superior all-electric vehicle but also highlights the growing acceptance and demand for such vehicles in regions known for their challenging weather conditions.


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