Hyundai IONIQ 6 Debuts With Advanced Intelligent Front-lighting System

What’s Happening: Hyundai Motor has launched the IONIQ 6, its second battery-electric vehicle (BEV) model in the IONIQ lineup. The IONIQ 6 boasts an aerodynamic profile, sustainable materials, advanced technologies, and an extended range. Notably, it introduces the Intelligent Front-lighting System (IFS) with Matrix Beam LED headlights, a first for a European Hyundai model.

Why It Matters: The IFS is an evolution of the High Beam Assist (HBA) safety feature, addressing visibility issues for both IONIQ 6 drivers and other road users. This innovation enhances nighttime driving safety by maintaining maximum visibility without disrupting the vision of other drivers.

Key Points:

  • IFS works by perpetually keeping the high beam on, and only turning off parts of the high beam lights that would disrupt other drivers’ vision when detecting vehicles ahead.
  • The high beam module in IONIQ 6’s Parametric Pixel lamps contains a Matrix Beam LED, offering high, concentrated visibility and precise control of light direction and intensity.
  • Two special lenses control the beam patterns, creating rectangular matrix beam patterns and projecting light onto the road.
  • The IFS process involves the forward-facing camera detecting the position of vehicles ahead, the headlamp controller calculating the ‘disturbance zone’, and the high beam module turning off corresponding segments to ensure clear visibility for IONIQ 6 drivers without dazzling other road users.
  • The IONIQ 6 incorporates over 700 Parametric Pixels in various areas, such as headlamps, rear combination lamps, and air vent garnishes, to reinforce the brand’s identity.

Bottom Line: The Hyundai IONIQ 6 not only advances electric mobility with its innovative design and extended range but also enhances nighttime driving safety with its Intelligent Front-lighting System. By maintaining maximum visibility without inconveniencing other drivers, IFS represents an innovative solution to a common problem on the roads.


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