Hyundai-Iveco Electric Truck Venture

Hyundai Motor Company and Iveco Group have deepened their collaboration, aiming to redefine the commercial vehicle landscape by focusing on electric heavy-duty truck advancements for the European market. Through their strengthened partnership, evidenced by the recent signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI), both conglomerates are set to explore and develop cutting-edge battery electric and fuel cell electric truck solutions. This initiative not only marks a significant step towards sustainable transportation but also showcases the synergy between Hyundai’s technological prowess and Iveco’s market presence in Europe.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership Strengthened with LOI: The recent Letter of Intent (LOI) underscores a commitment to electric heavy-duty truck innovations.
  • Focus on Electric Solutions: Emphasis on battery electric trucks (BET) and fuel cell electric trucks (FCET) for the European market.
  • Notable Achievements: Milestones include the unveiling of the IVECO eDaily Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and the IVECO BUS E-WAY H2.
  • Supply Agreement Signed: A recent agreement introduces an IVECO-badged all-electric light commercial vehicle based on Hyundai’s eLCV platform.

Since the partnership’s inception in March 2022, Hyundai and Iveco have made significant strides, including the introduction of innovative vehicles such as the IVECO eDaily Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and the IVECO BUS E-WAY H2, demonstrating their commitment to advancing electric vehicle technologies.

About Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG): A conglomerate housing eight influential brands, Iveco Group is a beacon of innovation in the commercial vehicle sector, with over 35,000 employees, 20 industrial sites, and 29 R&D centers globally.

About Hyundai Motor Company: Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor strives to contribute to a sustainable future, focusing on zero-emission vehicles and pioneering mobility solutions, supported by over 120,000 employees worldwide.

This partnership between Hyundai Motor and Iveco Group is poised to accelerate the transition to eco-friendly transportation solutions in Europe, highlighting a shared vision for a sustainable future and showcasing the potential of collaborative innovation in the commercial vehicle industry.

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