Hyzon Motors Completes Liquid Hydrogen Truck Demo

Hyzon Motors Inc., a leader in high-power hydrogen fuel cell technology, has successfully completed its first commercial demonstration of a liquid hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (LH2 FCEV). This trial, conducted in partnership with Performance Food Group, Inc., a major North American food and foodservice distributor, and Chart Industries, Inc., a global manufacturer of engineered equipment, showcases the potential of liquid hydrogen for commercial trucking applications.

Why It Matters

The successful demonstration signifies a critical advancement in sustainable long-haul transportation. It provides compelling evidence that liquid hydrogen can serve as a practical alternative to traditional diesel, meeting comparable range requirements while emitting zero emissions.

Key Points

  • The LH2 FCEV trial began in Temple, TX and covered over 540 miles during a 16-hour continuous run, delivering to eight PFG customers near Dallas, TX.
  • The vehicle operated under strenuous conditions, including temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, proving the feasibility of liquid hydrogen in real-world applications.
  • Liquid hydrogen offers several advantages over its gaseous form, including higher energy density and no added weight to the vehicle.
  • The proprietary 200kW fuel cell system developed by Hyzon Motors is expected to provide a driving range between 650 and 800 miles, comparable to many diesel trucks.
  • Chart Industries designed a specialized tank system to store liquid hydrogen at extreme cold temperatures, as low as negative 400 degrees Fahrenheit, while maintaining necessary pressure levels.

Bottom Line

The successful demonstration run reflects a significant milestone for the commercialization of hydrogen-powered vehicles, particularly for long-haul and heavy-duty applications. Hyzon CEO Parker Meeks stated that liquid hydrogen could be an “economical approach to long-range zero-emission trucking.” Additionally, the lower cost of liquid hydrogen, estimated to be up to $5 per kilogram less than high-pressure gaseous hydrogen, could provide significant savings for fleet owners. The trial was supported by Certarus for liquid hydrogen transport and Air Liquide for hydrogen production, further solidifying the ecosystem for hydrogen-based renewable energy in commercial transport.


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