IONWAY Chooses Nysa for New Plant

The Brussels-based battery materials producer, IONWAY, has announced its decision to establish its inaugural CAM production plant in Nysa, Poland. This facility will be built next to Umicore’s current CAM plant.

Why It Matters

This joint venture, supported by PowerCo SE (a Volkswagen Group entity) and Umicore, aims to intensify the European Union’s e-mobility footprint. IONWAY’s establishment not only reinforces the EU’s Green Deal aspirations but also emphasizes the acceleration of regional and transparent battery value chains. With this expansion, IONWAY plans to increase its yearly production capacity to 160 GWh by the decade’s end, equating to 2.2 million battery-electric vehicles, given market trends.

Key Points

  • JV Backing: Both PowerCo SE and Umicore are behind this initiative, emphasizing their commitment to the e-mobility market.
  • Government Support: The Polish government is endorsing this investment, anticipating the creation of 900 jobs in Nysa by the decade’s end. Furthermore, IONWAY will receive €350 million in cash grants for an investment reaching up to €1.7 billion by the end of the decade.
  • Strategic Position: IONWAY’s choice for Nysa is influenced by its access to renewable energy, a talented workforce, and the Polish government’s support. The proximity to Umicore’s existing operations offers insights into CAM production and eases raw material acquisition.
  • Production Timelines: Post permitting process completion, the plant’s construction will commence. Production is expected to kick off upon construction completion, aligning with PowerCo’s demand for its 2025 Salzgitter cell gigafactory start.

Bottom Line

IONWAY’s establishment in Nysa signifies a monumental leap in the e-mobility sector of Europe. With strong backing from industry leaders and the Polish government, IONWAY is positioned to spearhead the transition to electric driving, emphasizing both sustainability and affordability. The plant will not only bolster Europe’s battery production capacities but also push forward the overarching goal of sustainable e-mobility.


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