itselectric Triumphs at 2023 Innovation by Design Awards

Brooklyn-based electric vehicle charging firm, itselectric, proudly announced its recognition in three distinct categories at the Fast Company’s 2023 Innovation by Design Awards. Notably, it clinched victory in the Sustainability category and secured finalist positions in the “Best Design in North America” and “On the Rise: 0-4 Years in Business” categories.

Why It Matters

The Innovation by Design Awards, spotlighted in Fast Company’s September 2023 issue, celebrate innovative designers and companies tackling today’s critical challenges and proactively addressing tomorrow’s concerns. Now in its 12th year, this competition encompasses a diverse array of established enterprises, burgeoning startups, and promising young talents, making it one of the design industry’s most coveted accolades.

itselectric Triumphs at 2023 Innovation Design Awards

Key Points

  • Unique Offering: itselectric introduces the first-ever public EV charging system powered by building electricity. This system offers urban Level 2 curbside charging points without incurring costs for cities or property owners.
  • Innovative Design: Their EV charger design, native to North America, features a detachable cord for each driver. This design eradicates issues linked to damaged cords and ensures streets remain uncluttered when vehicles aren’t charging.
  • Collaborative Approach: By collaborating with local property owners, itselectric taps into underutilized building electrical supplies. Eligible properties get a discreet, minimally invasive charger installation on their curbside, allowing property owners to generate passive income.
  • Environmental and Economic Impact: The company aids cities in hitting carbon reduction goals and curtails capital costs by sidestepping the usual infrastructure enhancements and utility connections typically associated with on-street charging.

Bottom Line

itselectric is revolutionizing the EV charging domain with its ground-breaking, sustainable designs and collaborative models. “We’ve reinvented the EV charger by keeping urban aesthetics and community needs at the forefront. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for helping us turn this vision into reality,” expressed Tiya Gordon, COO and Co-Founder of itselectric. This recognition underscores the company’s pivotal role in advancing sustainable and community-centered EV charging solutions in urban settings.


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