Japan: Next-Gen Electric Taxi Service Debuts in Fukuoka Prefecture

Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd. (DKS), Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation (MAL), and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) have launched a state-of-the-art electric taxi service in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture. This next-generation taxi business, stationed primarily in the Moji and Mojiko dispatch centers of DKS subsidiary Kitakyushu Daiichi Koutsu (KDK), operates a large fleet of electric vehicles, solar-power equipment, and an energy-management system. The initiative aims to upgrade local transportation and decarbonize the taxi industry.

Why It Matters

The launch addresses the critical need for taxi electrification in Japan. This need is influenced by a dwindling number of service stations that can supply the liquefied petroleum gas to fuel the existing taxi fleets. Further impetus comes from the government’s 2030 target to decrease CO2 emissions from the transportation sector by 35% compared to 2013.

Key Points

  • The electric vehicles (EVs) and related equipment will be systematically deployed to KDK’s Moji and Mojiko dispatch centers. The former will receive 12 EVs, recharging stations, a solar-power-generation system, and an energy-management system. The latter will obtain six EVs and recharging stations.
  • The project stands out as it aims to create a model for managing large EV fleets across various dispatch centers. Activities at the Moji Center will be comprehensive, working to optimize the use of solar power and further decrease the center’s carbon footprint and operating costs.
  • The project also includes delivering EVs to three select “No. 1 Taxi” members, Japan’s largest taxi network, including the Hikari and Hinomaru taxi companies.

Bottom Line

The partnership between DKS, MAL, and MC aims to leverage this project as a catalyst to promote the electrification of the Japanese taxi industry. DKS will use this opportunity to expand and decarbonize its taxi operations. Concurrently, MAL and MC will combine their resources and expertise to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of Japan’s mobility industries. The EV rollout and related services will leverage MAL’s comprehensive EV solutions, including EV leasing and maintenance services, as well as MC’s value-chain operations and mobility services.


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