JOLT Energy to Install Thousands of Fast-Charging Stations Across Europe and North America

What’s Happening

JOLT Energy, an e-mobility company known for its battery-buffered ultra-fast charging stations in urban areas, plans to expand its charging infrastructure throughout Europe and North America. The Dublin and Munich-based firm announced on May 9th its intention to install thousands of fast-charging stations in major cities over the next few years. This expansion aims to accelerate the transition to electric mobility and significantly contribute to addressing the climate crisis.

Why It Matters

The majority of Europeans live in urban areas where there is a lack of sufficient charging facilities for electric vehicles. JOLT’s initiative to establish a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure in these areas will enable more city residents to switch to electric vehicles, reducing air and noise pollution while helping achieve climate goals.

Key Points

  • JOLT’s charging stations offer ultra-fast charging with up to 320 kW power, allowing electric vehicle users to charge up to 100 km of driving range in just 5 minutes.
  • The stations can be connected to existing low-voltage grids, with battery storage providing additional energy for the entire charging process.
  • Cities and site partners can establish fast-charging infrastructure without extensive construction or network expansion.
  • JOLT secured €150 million in funding from InfraRed Capital Partners, an international infrastructure investment company, to support its growth.

Bottom Line

JOLT Energy’s ambitious expansion plan to install thousands of fast-charging stations across Europe and North America will pave the way for more widespread adoption of electric vehicles in urban areas. By partnering with cities and commercial locations, JOLT will offer electric vehicle drivers convenient access to ultra-fast charging solutions, enhancing public appeal and improving customer satisfaction without requiring significant effort or investment from site partners. The expansion of JOLT’s charging infrastructure will be a key driver in the decarbonization of transportation and the global effort to combat climate change.


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