Kia Charge expands EV charging network for UK customers

What’s Happening: Kia Charge, an exclusive service for Kia customers in the UK, now provides access to over 30,000 public EV chargers as of February 2023. The number of connectors available through Kia Charge has grown 48% to 30,324 chargers in the last 12 months. Additionally, the service has added more than 15,000 new connectors in the last year, reflecting the strong growth in electric charging infrastructure and Kia’s success in adding new operators to its solution.

Why It Matters: With the expansion of Kia Charge, Kia customers in the UK have access to more than 30,000 charging connectors, equivalent to approximately 85% of the national public infrastructure. Moreover, the service includes 27 charge point operators, doing it with the most DC connectors in the UK. Kia Charge allows EV owners to recharge quickly while traveling to their destination, providing easy access to chargers across all parts of the UK and Europe from a single account.

Key Points:

  • Kia Charge now reaches 26,800 AC chargers, and over 10% (3,500) are rapid DC chargers (50-350kW).
  • One of the key high-power charging operators, IONITY, has increased its connector numbers to 99 (up 32%) across 19 UK locations.
  • Kia compensates all charging activity via Kia Charge with 100% renewable wind power.
  • Kia Charge offers two subscription options and two bolt-on packages for users.
  • Kia recently launched a partnership with the ‘&Charge’ rewards program, which allows users to collect EV charging credits that can be redeemed via the Kia Charge app to pay for public charging sessions.

Bottom Line: With Kia Charge’s expansion, Kia customers in the UK can access a comprehensive and seamless EV charging solution that offers easy access to more than 30,000 charging connectors nationwide. The service allows for fast and easy public charging of electric vehicles, providing a more convenient and cost-effective option for Kia EV owners. With Kia’s commitment to renewable energy, the company is also contributing to the growth of green electricity demand on the market.


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