Kia Charge Hits 100,000 Subscribers in Europe

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Kia Charge, the comprehensive charging service by Kia, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 100,000 subscribers in just 2.5 years. Launched alongside the Kia EV6 in September 2021, Kia Charge has become a pivotal element of Kia’s strategy to dominate the electric mobility sector in Europe. Offering access to over 700,000 charging points across 28 countries, Kia Charge exemplifies a robust approach to supporting the electric vehicle (EV) lifestyle.

Key Highlights:

  • Substantial Subscriber Growth: Reached 100,000 subscribers since its inception in 2021.
  • Extensive Network: Provides access to more than 700,000 charging points in Europe.
  • High User Engagement: Over two million charging sessions completed by customers.
  • Diverse Charging Solutions: Includes options for home, work, public, and highway charging.
  • Technological Integration: Features a dedicated app and route planner to optimize charging experiences.

Since its launch, the service has facilitated more than two million charging sessions, leveraging both physical cards and digital processes via the Kia Charge app. About 60 percent of Kia’s electric vehicle buyers are registered users of the service, which underscores its growing popularity and essential role in Kia’s European market strategy.

“The rising popularity of Kia Charge is proof that the consolidated one-contract concept is exactly what customers need, helping them to easily access charging stations where and when they want,” said Martin Enthofer, Director of Customer Experience Strategy and Solutions at Kia Europe.

Kia Charge is designed to cater to a variety of charging needs, from occasional users with the “Easy” pay-as-you-go option to frequent users who benefit from the “Plus” subscription, which offers reduced rates. This service framework not only enhances user convenience but also ensures full price transparency.

The network, which includes partnerships like IONITY, is set to expand significantly, with plans to support the development of more than 17,000 high-power charging stations by 2030. This growth will further solidify Kia’s presence in the electric mobility space across Europe.

Furthermore, the Kia Charge initiative continues to innovate with projects aimed at integrating renewable energy solutions like solar panels and smart charging technologies. These efforts are part of Kia’s broader commitment to sustainability, ensuring that the energy consumed during charging is replaced in the grid with green electricity through Guarantees of Origin.

As Kia continues to develop its charging capabilities, including future solutions for home and workplace charging and bidirectional technologies like V2G and V2H, it remains focused on enhancing the usability and sustainability of electric mobility for all its customers.

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