Kia EV9 Wins Family Car Award

Kia’s EV9 has been awarded the prestigious Golden Steering Wheel 2023 in the ‘Family Cars’ category, continuing its streak of success following the ‘German Luxury Car of the Year 2024’ accolade in September. The EV9 stands out as Kia’s first three-row all-electric SUV and is now among the brand’s multiple award-winning vehicles.

Why It Matters

The recognition of the Kia EV9 by one of the industry’s most esteemed awards underscores the significant strides Kia has made in the electric vehicle market. The EV9 not only delivers on space and comfort for families but also represents Kia’s commitment to leading the electrification transition, showcasing innovation and advanced technology in the automotive sector.

Key Points

  • Awarded Vehicle: Kia EV9 bags the Golden Steering Wheel 2023 for ‘Family Cars.’
  • Award History: The award, given by AUTO BILD and BILD am SONNTAG, is a combination of public vote and expert evaluation, highly regarded in the German auto industry.
  • Testing Rigor: A jury of 19 experts conducted thorough tests, including an assessment of driver assistance systems and connectivity competence.
  • Kia’s Track Record: The brand boasts four Golden Steering Wheel winners in its lineup, emphasizing its competitive edge in design and technology.
  • Market Impact: In Germany, over 41% of new Kia cars sold in 2022 were electric or plug-in hybrid models, highlighting Kia’s growing influence in e-mobility.
  • EV9 Features: The seven-seater SUV is built on the E-GMP platform, offers up to 563km range on a single charge, and comes with the latest connectivity options.

Bottom Line

The Kia EV9’s victory at the Golden Steering Wheel Awards signals a consistent performance by Kia in delivering quality, innovation, and luxury in the electric vehicle space. This award reaffirms the brand’s position as a forward-thinking leader in electrification, resonating with both industry experts and consumers looking for sustainable, family-friendly travel options.


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