Leap, SWTCH Enhance Multi-Tenant EV Charging

Leap and SWTCH Energy have partnered to introduce virtual power plants (VPPs) tailored for multi-tenant electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in New York and Massachusetts. This collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge grid flexibility solutions to the underserved multifamily property market.

Key Highlights

  • Leap and SWTCH Energy Partnership: Leap, a leader in virtual power plant platforms, and SWTCH Energy, known for its EV charging solutions, join forces to deploy VPPs in New York and Massachusetts.
  • Technology Integration: SWTCH will leverage Leap’s automated, software-only solution to integrate its EV charging network into new demand response and other grid services revenue streams.
  • Focus on Multifamily Properties: This partnership addresses the gap in energy technologies for multifamily properties, providing benefits like reduced electricity costs, lower carbon emissions, and improved grid reliability.

“For too long, multifamily properties have been underserved by new energy technologies such as smart EV charging and VPPs, which is why we are so thrilled to partner with SWTCH,” said Jason Michaels, Chief Revenue Officer at Leap. “Together we can put our best-in-class technology solutions to work at addressing this gap in the market.”

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Expanded Customer Network: Leveraging SWTCH’s network, including multifamily and commercial buildings, to extend the benefits of VPPs to a wider range of energy consumers.
  • Affordable Charging for Tenants: The new Leap-powered VPP offerings are designed to provide affordable charging solutions for tenants while maximizing the value of EV infrastructure for real estate customers.

“In collaboration with Leap, we’re tapping into the incredible potential of multi-tenant EV chargers to serve as paid flexible resources for the grid,” said Samuel Bordenave, CFO at SWTCH. “Our new Leap-powered VPP offerings advance our commitment to providing affordable charging for tenants and helping our real estate customers maximize the value of their EV infrastructure.”

About the Companies

Leap: Known for its software-only solutions that integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) with energy markets, Leap facilitates access to high-value grid services revenue streams. By aggregating DERs, Leap supplies VPPs to balance the grid, helping partners and customers unlock new value streams and create a more resilient grid powered by renewable resources.

SWTCH: Headquartered in Toronto with offices in Brooklyn and Boston, SWTCH pioneers EV charging solutions for multifamily, commercial, and workplace properties across North America. SWTCH helps building owners deploy EV charging by leveraging existing grid infrastructure and continuous innovation, providing a profitable and unique business model for multi-tenant buildings.

This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing grid flexibility and sustainability in the multi-tenant EV charging market, providing both economic and environmental benefits.

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