Lectron Expands EV Charging Solutions Nationwide

Lectron, a forerunner in home and portable electric vehicle (EV) charging systems has officially released five EV chargers and adapters. These products are available online and have secured shelf space at select Home Depot locations throughout the country. Adding to this expansion, the new V-BOX EV Charging Station and fresh Level 1 and 2 portable EV chargers have been launched, augmenting the diverse array of Lectron’s reliable and cost-effective offerings.

Why It Matters

Lectron’s CEO, Christopher Maiwald, emphasized the firm’s unwavering commitment to addressing prevalent issues in the EV charging sphere, such as compatibility concerns and range anxiety. He stated, “Our best-in-class charging solutions address compatibility issues and range anxiety head-on. Collaborating with The Home Depot allows us to present a diverse range of charging stations, portable chargers, and adapters to their esteemed clientele.”

Key Points

  • Lectron V-BOX EV Charging Station: A high-caliber Level 2 EV home charging solution, the V-BOX is dually compatible with both J1772 and Tesla* EVs. It boasts a rapid charge rate of up to 46 mph at 11.52 kWh and comes with a user-centric design featuring a 20-foot cable and storage mount. The product offers flexibility, with options between a NEMA 14-50 outlet or a hardwired installation up to 240V and 48A.
  • Lectron Level 2 EV Charger: Designed for quick home or office charging, this portable charger provides a maximum of 9.6 kWh charging speed. It is compatible with all J1772 EVs and delivers up to 240V and 40A via a NEMA 14-50 outlet.
  • Lectron Level 1 EV Charger: Tailored for daily urban rides, this 1.65 kWh Level 1 charger easily connects to standard NEMA 5-15 outlets, providing up to 110V and 15A.
  • Lectron Tesla to J1772 EV Adapter: This allows non-Tesla EVs to tap into Tesla’s charging resources, encompassing High Powered Wall Connectors and Destination Chargers. It’s compatible with all J1772 EVs.
  • Lectron J1772 to Tesla EV Adapter: With this, Tesla owners can expand their charging horizons by using non-Tesla charging networks. It’s suited for all Tesla models.

Bottom Line

Lectron’s ongoing innovation and partnership with The Home Depot underscores the company’s strategic move to cater to the burgeoning EV market, ensuring users have efficient, versatile, and convenient charging solutions at their fingertips.

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