LITEON Unveils New EV Fast Charger

LITEON Technology and its subsidiary, Power Innovations International (Pii), have introduced their newest offering: a Level 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) DC fast charger. Designed for seamless integration with the existing electrical system, this charger accommodates multi-voltage inputs, streamlining the installation process and mitigating extra costs.

Why It Matters

The addition of this Level 3 DC fast charger further solidifies LITEON’s position at the forefront of power technology. Their new product not only aligns with the ongoing global push for green energy solutions but also addresses the rising demand for efficient EV charging infrastructure. By avoiding the need for infrastructure overhaul, LITEON makes it easier and more affordable for facilities to adopt advanced EV charging solutions.

Key Points

  • Ease of Integration: The chargers can be integrated with any US power distribution voltage without reducing the base power utilized.
  • Modularity and Power: The charger portfolio offers modular and stackable power capabilities, maintaining consistent performance across various input configurations.
  • Recent Deployments: Pii has rolled out 30 and 60 kilowatt versions with a US collaborator, demonstrating the charger’s adaptability for inputs ranging from 240 Vac to 480 Vac.
  • Cutting-edge Charging Range: Pii’s EV DC fast charging systems offer a wide power range, from 30kW to 180kW.
  • Company Synergy: The latest charger marks the first time a Pii product has harnessed LITEON’s power conversion technology.

Bottom Line

LITEON, with Power Innovations International (Pii), is paving the way for advanced, user-friendly, and efficient EV charging solutions, suitable for various applications, from public infrastructure to commercial ventures. This move is not only a testament to LITEON and Pii’s innovation but also a significant stride towards a sustainable, electrified future.


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