LiveWire Announces S2 Del Mar Pricing, Delivery Dates, and Exclusive European Launch Edition

What’s Happening: LiveWire, the top electric motorcycle manufacturer, has disclosed the MSRP for its S2 Del Mar in the U.S. and projected delivery dates, along with an exclusive European Launch Edition limited to 100 bikes across four markets.

Why It Matters: The announcements signal LiveWire’s continued growth and commitment to the electric motorcycle industry, with the company expanding its product offerings and enhancing its global presence.

Key Points:

  • In the U.S., LiveWire has set an MSRP of $15,499 for the S2 Del Mar and plans to open reservations for the production version in three colorways, targeting July delivery.
  • Complete product specifications and performance highlights will be published in June, accompanied by a full calendar of demo opportunities and events.
  • For European customers, reservations for the S2 Del Mar Launch Edition will open at 4 p.m. CET on April 27 and require a €100 fee.
  • Only 100 S2 Del Mar European Launch Edition models will be produced, featuring an exclusive finish, wheel design, and hand-applied Himalaya White graphics and paint.
  • The Launch Edition of S2 Del Mar is slated for delivery in Europe this September, with prices varying by country (France €20,190, Germany €19,990, Netherlands €20,390, U.K. £18,990).
  • LiveWire will host viewing events for the S2 Del Mar European Launch Edition in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Bottom Line: LiveWire’s announcement of the S2 Del Mar’s pricing, delivery dates, and exclusive European Launch Edition underscores the company’s dedication to the electric motorcycle market. With a strong partnership from majority shareholder Harley-Davidson, Inc., LiveWire leverages its expertise in the EV sector and aims to develop future technology and invest in the capabilities needed to transform motorcycling.


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