The company opens its first European Studio in Munich, Germany; aims to open additional Studio and service center locations in Europe in 2022

AMSTERDAM — Lucid Motors, which set new standards with the longest-range, fastest-charging electric car on the market in North America, today announced its initial launch plans for the European market. This includes the forthcoming availability of both versions of Lucid Air Dream Edition with the most advanced electric powertrain available today. The Dream Edition R is optimized for efficiency with an estimated 900 km of range, and the Dream Edition P features 1,111 horsepower (828 kW).

The company also plans to open its first European retail location – the Lucid Studio at Odeonsplatz in Munich, Germany – on May 13, 2022. The luxury retail space will invite customers to experience the brand and its products in the heart of the iconic old town area. The company expects to open additional studios and service centers in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland in 2022, and has the ambition to expand into additional key markets across the European continent in the coming years.

“The expansion into Europe and the decision to offer Lucid Air Dream Edition in this market serve to strengthen Lucid’s position as a global brand and further supports our mission to elevate the standards of the electric vehicle industry,” said Zak Edson, VP of Sales and Service, Lucid. “The company’s first offering, Lucid Air Dream Edition, delivers 0-100 km acceleration in 2.7 seconds or an estimated 900 km* of range on a single charge, along with a 924 V electrical architecture for impressive fast charging – all the performance, the quality, and the range that make it perfectly suited for the European market.”

Dream Editions for Europe

After successfully launching Lucid Air Dream Edition P and Lucid Air Dream Edition R in North America, with a limited volume of 520 units, the company announced it will offer a very limited number to existing reservation holders in Europe to celebrate the launch of Lucid Air — and highlight Lucid’s vision for advancing luxury electric. These two distinct versions – with Dream Edition P featuring a powertrain optimized for performance, and Dream Edition R embodying Lucid’s exacting focus on maximizing range – will be offered to reservation holders in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

Customers in the aforementioned countries with an existing reservation for a Lucid Air can request an upgrade of their reservation to an Air Dream Edition P or Dream Edition R while available.