Maeving RM1S Electric Motorcycle Debuts in US

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The Maeving RM1S, Britain’s best-selling electric motorcycle, is now available in California, with plans for expansion to other states. Combining timeless British design with modern technology, this model offers superior urban and highway capabilities, along with practical battery charging options both on and off the bike.

Key Highlights

  • Launch Price: $8,995
  • Availability: Initially in California, more states to follow
  • Design: Classic British aesthetics by former Triumph engineers
  • Performance: Top speed of 70 mph, range of 80 miles
  • Motor: Rear hub-mounted, 7.0 kW continuous power, 10.5 kW peak power, 184 ft-lbs torque
  • Charging: Dual removable batteries, chargeable from a standard socket
  • Battery: LG 21700 cells, 20-100% charge in three hours
  • Storage: 2.6 gallons of lockable storage space
Maeving RM1S Electric Motorcycle Debuts in US

Maeving, a British electric motorcycle manufacturer, has gained recognition for producing stylish bikes optimized for urban riding. The Maeving RM1 became the UK’s top-selling electric motorcycle and received high praise globally. Building on this success, Maeving introduces the RM1S to the US market, priced at $8,995 and initially available in California.

The RM1S, designed by a team of former Triumph engineers, marries classic motorcycle aesthetics with modern electric vehicle performance. With a top speed of 70 mph and an 80-mile range, the RM1S is equipped with a rear hub-mounted motor delivering 7.0 kW of continuous power and 10.5 kW peak power, along with 184 ft-lbs of torque. This model ensures a smooth and efficient ride suitable for both urban and highway use.

Weighing in at 293 lbs and featuring a seat height of 785 mm, the RM1S offers excellent maneuverability at varying speeds. Its dual batteries, containing LG 21700 cells, can be charged on the bike or removed and charged at home or work from a standard socket. These batteries recharge from 20% to 100% in just three hours, providing practical convenience. Additionally, the redesigned battery case allows for 2.6 gallons of lockable storage space, enhancing the bike’s usability.

Maeving RM1S Electric Motorcycle Debuts in US

The RM1S blends classic styling elements, such as twin shocks, an analogue speedometer, and a diamond-stitched solo seat, with modern features like powerful LED lights and responsive calipers for linked braking. Despite their vintage appearance, the Dunlop K70 tires offer contemporary performance. Riders can also choose from three switchable riding modes to optimize their experience in various conditions.

Maeving co-founder Seb Inglis-Jones expressed enthusiasm for the US launch: “We’re so excited to offer North American riders the chance to experience and own a zero-emissions motorcycle that blends timeless British design with the benefits of modern electric performance and usability.”

The Maeving RM1S promises to carry forward the popular features of the RM1 while providing enhanced performance for a wider range of uses. It also offers the convenience of dual charging options for its removable batteries.

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