Maserati Unveils Fully Electric Vehicles at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

What’s Happening: The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show is showcasing Maserati’s latest all-electric vehicles, marking the Italian luxury brand’s entry into the electric vehicle market. The event is highlighted by the global premiere of the Maserati Grecale Folgore, the first fully electric SUV from the company. The new Maserati GranTurismo is also making its Asian debut in both combustion engine and electric powertrain versions.

Why It Matters: China is a leading force in the electric vehicle market, making it an ideal location for Maserati to unveil its electric models. The country’s commitment to innovation and luxury, combined with Maserati’s brand values, signifies a significant step for the brand in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape.

Maserati Unveils Fully Electric Vehicles at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

Key Points:

  • Maserati’s electric range is called Folgore, representing innovation, luxury, functional beauty, and a blend of past and future.
  • The company plans to produce electric versions of all its models by 2025 and fully electric vehicles exclusively by 2030.
  • Maserati’s future success will depend on its Italian character, ability to evoke emotions with quality exclusive products, and the magic of innovation.

Bottom Line: The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show marks a significant milestone for Maserati as it enters the electric vehicle market. With ambitious plans to electrify its entire lineup within the next decade, the company is embracing the future of automotive innovation while staying true to its Italian luxury performance roots. The Grecale Folgore and GranTurismo Folgore are just the beginning of a new era for the brand as it continues to adapt to the changing landscape of the automotive industry.


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