Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK and Solomon Commercials Unveil First Fridge-Bodied eActros Electric Truck

What’s Happening

Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK and Solomon Commercials, a leading bodybuilder, have jointly announced the debut of the UK’s first fridge-bodied eActros electric truck. The unveiling took place at the ITT Hub event in Farnborough on 9 May. The 19-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) eActros, a fully operational vehicle, is now set to be showcased for live demonstrations to operators throughout the nation.

Why It Matters

This launch underscores the increasing pivot towards environmentally friendly modes of transport. With an emphasis on CO2-neutral transport, Mercedes-Benz’s latest offering is a tangible step towards achieving this goal. The importance of this transition is further underscored by government policies aimed at strict emissions targets and clean-air cities.

Key Points

The eActros is built on a 4×2 eActros 300 platform and is fitted with three nickel manganese cobalt battery packs, collectively providing a capacity of 336kWh. This allows the truck a range of up to 330km (205 miles), with the ability to recharge the batteries from 20 to 80% within 75 minutes using a 400A 160kW charger.

Designed from the ground up as an electric truck, the eActros comes with twin electric motors located within the rear eAxle. This frees up chassis space for the batteries, creating a lower center of gravity and improved driving dynamics. The absence of a combustion engine results in less noise and vibration compared to traditional diesel-powered trucks.

The truck body is designed for optimal aerodynamic efficiency, featuring a Solomon Slipstream system to help maximize range. Additionally, it includes a Carrier TRS Syberia overcab chiller unit and a Carrier Datacold temperature monitoring system for refrigeration control.

At the back, the eActros includes a 1,500 kg Dhollandia column tail lift and an integrated reversing camera, along with other standard equipment such as MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, and an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System.

Bottom Line

James Venables, Head of Future Sustainability at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, described the eActros as a truck for a new era. He emphasized the company’s readiness to assist operators in transitioning to CO2-neutral transport, with dealers fully qualified and ready to offer advice on electric truck operation, charging infrastructure, and digital services.

Anthony Clegg, Managing Director at Solomon Commercials, expressed pride in working with Mercedes-Benz, emphasizing that the road to net zero is a certainty. He noted the increasing pace at which customers are adopting zero-emissions vehicles, driven by the desire to minimize the environmental impact of their operations.


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