Mike Albert Fleet Solutions Launches Electrification Referral Program for Fleet Customers

What’s Happening: Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, a prominent mobility company in the US, has introduced a new Fleet Electrification Referral Program to help its customers navigate the complex process of fleet electrification. The program aims to assist fleet managers in selecting the best charge point providers, financing options, government incentives, and ongoing support for their electrification plans.

Why It Matters: The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in the commercial fleet industry has been gaining traction over the years. However, fleet electrification can be daunting, particularly for fleet managers who are not familiar with the process. Mike Albert’s Electrification Referral Program aims to simplify the transition by providing customers with access to industry-leading charge point providers and other support services, making the process more efficient and straightforward.

Key Points:

  • The new Electrification Referral Program from Mike Albert Fleet Solutions includes partnerships with three leading charge point providers: ChargePoint, Blink Charging Co., and Enel X Way.
  • These partnerships will help fleet managers navigate the electrification process and ensure that they have the necessary infrastructure, financing, and ongoing support. Each partner was selected based on their reputation and commitment to delivering excellent customer support.
  • ChargePoint offers scalable, integrated AC and DC charging hardware, fleet-specific software, and telematics intelligence, while Blink Charging provides innovative solutions and flexible business models.
  • Enel X Way is focused on developing flexible charging technologies and solutions that improve the customer experience.

Bottom Line: Mike Albert Fleet Solutions’ new Electrification Referral Program provides a valuable service to its customers by making the transition to fleet electrification more manageable. By partnering with leading charge point providers, the program offers customers access to the best infrastructure, financing, and ongoing support services, which can help streamline the process and improve the overall experience. As more businesses look to transition their fleets to electric vehicles, this program is well-timed to meet the growing demand for support in this area.


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