MINI Countryman Electric Launches

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BMW’s Leipzig Plant Powers Up with the production of the MINI Countryman Electric, marking a significant advancement in the plant’s electrification journey. Just four months following the introduction of its combustion engine variant, the electric model is now being produced, showcasing BMW‘s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle (EV) lineup. This move aligns with the MINI brand’s goal to fully electrify by 2030, offering an electrified go-kart experience with zero emissions.

Key Highlights:

  • Electric MINI Countryman Production Begins: A significant step towards MINI’s electrification.
  • Increased Production Capacities: Plant upgrades enable a potential output of 350,000 units annually.
  • In-House Battery Production: Complete high-voltage battery production stages now at Leipzig.
  • Employment Growth: Up to 900 new jobs in vehicle production, reaching approximately 7,000 BMW staff by end of 2024.
  • Innovative Painting Process: Resource-saving, overspray-free painting method introduced.
MINI Countryman Electric Launches

The Leipzig Plant, previously known for the BMW i3, now manufactures four models across two brands, showcasing a versatile production line that supports vehicles with various drive types, including the electric and combustion-powered MINI Countryman. The electric variants, the Countryman E and SE ALL4, promise impressive power and zero CO2 emissions, encapsulating the essence of sustainable mobility.

To accommodate the increased production volume, the plant has seen continuous enhancements since 2018, with a total investment of approximately 1.6 billion euros. The introduction of a new night shift in assembly underlines the plant’s growth and BMW’s confidence in the Leipzig facility.

In-house battery production is a pivotal development, with Leipzig handling all stages of the Gen 5 high-voltage battery production process. This expansion not only boosts the plant’s role in BMW’s e-mobility transformation but also caters to the battery needs of other BMW models, signifying a leap towards complete electrification.

Furthermore, resource-saving painting processes have been implemented for the new MINI Countryman Electric, introducing more efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. This includes overspray-free painting and the use of bivalent burners capable of running on hydrogen, pushing the plant closer to its goal of decarbonizing production.

In conclusion, the BMW Group Plant Leipzig’s launch of the MINI Countryman Electric and its continuous upgrades underscore BMW’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the future of electric mobility.

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