Mullen Automotive Embarks on Expansive 2023 EV Showcase Tour

What’s Happening

Mullen Automotive, a burgeoning leader in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, has unveiled plans for its “Strikingly Different” EV Tour for 2023. Kicking off on August 20th in Austin, Texas, the tour promises to be a premier showcase of Mullen’s state-of-the-art EV range, including the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover, Mullen FIVE RS EV Sport Crossover, Mullen GT Electric Sports Car, Mullen ONE Class 1 Commercial EV Cargo Van, Mullen THREE Commercial Class 3 Electric Truck, and the Bollinger B2 Pickup Truck.

Why It Matters

This initiative marks a significant advancement in Mullen’s outreach and public engagement strategy, building on the success of the Mullen FIVE tour from the previous year. The company is expected to cover the East Coast, Midwest, and Northwest, ending in California in November. Initial stops include Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; Washington, D.C; Philadelphia, PA; and Las Vegas, NV. Mullen’s EV tour provides an extraordinary platform to demonstrate its innovative products to the public and potential investors, further cementing its status as a force within the rapidly evolving EV market.

Key Points

An exciting aspect of the 2023 tour is the integration of Mullen’s proprietary AI technology, PERSONA, into its vehicle lineups. This advanced facial recognition system offers a personalized driving experience, with initial consumer feedback indicating high acceptance and excitement for this groundbreaking technology. Priority for tour participation will be given to Mullen FIVE reservation holders and investors, but the company expects to cater to all interested parties due to increased vehicle availability and tour stops. Additional details on registration can be accessed via the company’s website.

Bottom Line

“The overwhelming success of last year’s tour inspired us to expand further, both in terms of locations and the range of vehicles displayed,” stated David Michery, CEO and Chairman of Mullen Automotive. He highlighted the ultra-high-performance Mullen FIVE RS, with its impressive 200 mph top speed and acceleration of 0-60 mph in 1.95 seconds, as a major highlight. Mullen Automotive’s 2023 EV Tour demonstrates the company’s commitment to growth and technological innovation, providing an immersive experience for the public to interact with their next-generation EVs.


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