Mullen Breaks into European Market with 30-Unit Mullen-GO Commercial EV Order

What’s Happening

Mullen Automotive, Inc., a leading innovator in the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing sphere, has announced a substantial initial purchase order from Newgate Motor Group for its Mullen-GO Commercial Urban Delivery EV. The order, encompassing 30 units, marks the first overseas sale for the U.S.-based manufacturer, launching its European market presence. This purchase order signals a broader collaboration between Mullen and Newgate, who are strategically partnered for the marketing, sales, distribution, and servicing of Mullen-GO vehicles in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Why It Matters

The purchase order, amounting to an estimated $321K, not only signifies Mullen’s market expansion but also underscores the growing global demand for efficient, zero-emission commercial vehicles. The order is slated to reflect in Mullen’s current fiscal quarter reporting. With Newgate, a highly-regarded dealership group in Ireland, functioning as a crucial ally, Mullen has previously projected plans for up to 500 vehicles annually.

Key Points

The Mullen-GO EV is a solution tailored for the rising requirement for speedy deliveries in the space-constrained urban environment of Europe. Its design accommodates EU standard homologation and is ready for sale in the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, and Ireland. James Ring, General Manager of Newgate Motor Group, has indicated a positive market response and a robust commitment to zero-emission transport solutions, fueling the potential of the Mullen-GO model and the Mullen brand. Newgate, with over four decades of auto industry experience, is an important player in Ireland’s retail group, having influential connections in the vehicle distribution business throughout the U.K. and Europe.

Bottom Line

This significant order for the Mullen-GO, a vehicle designed to navigate narrow European streets while offering lower ownership costs and zero emissions, is set to ignite sales in the European sector, according to David Michery, CEO, and Chairman of Mullen Automotive. The collaborative venture between Mullen and Newgate Motor Group showcases a shared commitment to green transport solutions and signals a promising future for Mullen in the European EV marketplace.


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