Munro Hosts Transport Secretary Mark Harper Visit

Munro Vehicles, Scotland’s singular volume production car firm specializing in all-electric 4x4s, recently played host to Secretary of State for Transport, Mark Harper. The visit is part of Harper’s broader Scottish tour, focusing on forward-thinking transport manufacturers.

Why It Matters

Transport Secretary Mark Harper emphasized, “UK manufacturing and innovation stands central to our mission of decarbonizing transport.” He lauded Munro Vehicles’ commitment to creating eco-friendly off-road vehicles, noting the substantial economic benefits of skilled job creation.

Ross Anderson, Munro Co-Founder and Head of Technology, expressed, “Our dedicated team is enthusiastic about illuminating the engineering prowess and zeal fuelling these all-terrain electric vehicles. We’re on a mission to champion sustainable transportation in Scotland.”

Key Points

  • Munro’s debut vehicles, Munro MK_1 Founder Editions, are currently under assembly at their East Kilbride base in Scotland.
    • The first, a black Truck, is categorized under Munro’s Range variant. It boasts a power of 220kW, 600Nm torque, and an estimated 190-mile range with a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes.
    • The second, a gloss-white Pick-Up, falls under the Performance variant. It houses a 280kW battery, promises 700Nm of torque, a 3.5-tonne towing capacity, and matches the 190-mile range of its counterpart.
  • Munro MK_1, designed and made in Britain, marries the robust reliability of a full-time 4×4 drivetrain with cutting-edge electric technology, ensuring zero tailpipe emissions.
  • MK_1’s versatility shines across varying weather and terrain, with a spacious rear bed and impressive towing capacity.
  • A 220KW electric motor powers the MK_1, presenting Utility, Performance, and Range options.
  • The Munro MK_1’s 82.4kWh battery promises a rapid recharge time: 15% to 80% in just 36 minutes with a 100kW DC charger.
  • Holding a unique historical place, the Munro is the inaugural light vehicle produced in Scotland in over 40 years.
  • Over 250 pre-orders for both Truck and Pick-Up models highlight the robust demand for Munro vehicles, especially in sectors prioritizing decarbonization.

Bottom Line

Munro’s unveiling of its pioneering vehicles has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly from sectors seeking innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Bolstered by financial backing and a pioneering design philosophy, the Munro MK_1 is positioned to redefine the electric workhorse vehicle landscape.


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