Munro Series-M 4×4 Begins Production

Munro Vehicles, a Scottish auto manufacturer, has proudly announced the roll-out of its first pre-production model, the all-electric Series-M Utility 4×4. This milestone comes merely ten months after the world witnessed the unveiling of the MK_1 prototype in Edinburgh in December 2022.

Why It Matters

This moment marks a transformative period in British automotive history. Scotland sees the rebirth of light vehicle mass production for the first time since the Linwood car plant shut its doors in 1981. Munro’s resurgence not only rekindles Scottish automotive pride but also paves the way for a greener automotive future, given its electric vehicle (EV) focus.

Key Points

  • Production Milestone: The white Series-M Utility, a hard top five-seater 4×4, is now rolling off the assembly lines at the East Kilbride factory.
  • Strategic Vision: Munro’s ambitious strategy targets the production of 2,500 vehicles annually by 2027, potentially creating 300 new Scottish jobs in the process.
  • Global Opportunity: As a finalist in the Fully Charged awards for Best Innovative EV Manufacturer, Munro is poised to make waves internationally. The Series-M caters to sectors such as agriculture, construction, defence, disaster relief, and forestry.
  • Customer-Centric Innovation: Through extensive customer feedback, Munro has infused several innovations into the Series-M range, including an adjustable steering column, ergonomic enhancements, and a full suite of safety features.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: The introduction of a durable LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery enables 30-minute rapid charging. With an exoskeleton for easy equipment mounting and the capacity for up to 50 years of eco-friendly service, the Series-M is both versatile and sustainable.

Bottom Line

Munro Vehicles is not just rejuvenating Scottish automotive manufacturing but is doing so with a strong commitment to sustainability and customer-driven innovation. With a £68 million customer pipeline and 250 pre-orders already in place, the future looks promising for the Series-M, setting a gold standard for EVs in sectors demanding rugged reliability and eco-consciousness.


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