Nikola and Alta eMobility Extend Electric Truck Dealership to Michigan

Alta eMobility, a leading provider of comprehensive fleet electrification solutions, has announced the expansion of its dealership territory with Nikola Corporation into Michigan. This move brings Nikola’s electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and infrastructure to fleets in the region.

Why It Matters

The expansion into Michigan is significant as it leverages the existing operational footprint of Alta Equipment Group, Alta eMobility’s parent company. With nearly four decades of operation in Michigan, this move offers immediate sales and service advantages to both Alta eMobility and Nikola, benefiting fleet customers in the process.

Key Points

  • Alta eMobility’s expansion into Michigan is a strategic partnership with Alta Equipment Group, which already serves customers in the construction and material handling industries.
  • Nikola’s Class 8 semi-trucks, with a range of up to 330 miles for the Tre BEV and up to 500 miles for the hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, are ideal for the shorter-haul and stop-and-go routes common in Michigan.
  • The introduction of Nikola’s zero-emission trucks supports Michigan’s ambitious measures to achieve a carbon-neutral economy and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as outlined in the MI Healthy Climate Plan.

Bottom Line

This expansion is a win-win for Alta, Nikola, the State of Michigan, and the numerous companies operating fleets daily. Alta is committed to supporting customers in achieving their sustainability goals by providing comprehensive services from planning to execution to maintenance. Fleets interested in transitioning from diesel Class 8 tractors to zero-emission eTractors can directly engage with Alta eMobility’s fleet electrification experts.


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