Nikola & FirstElement Fuel Partner for Greener Trucking

California’s clean air push gets a boost as Nikola and FirstElement Fuel join forces to build a network of hydrogen fueling stations across the state. This 10-year partnership focuses on refueling Nikola’s Class 8 hydrogen trucks, with the first station already underway in Oakland.

Key Points:

  • 10-year deal:¬†Nikola and FirstElement Fuel collaborate to fuel the future with hydrogen.
  • Fast-fill station in Oakland: FEF’s new station boasts the world’s first heavy-duty truck H70 lane.
  • HYLA brand expands: Nikola plans to build more hydrogen fueling stations under its HYLA brand.
  • Partner network: Nikola taps into existing public truck stops for wider fuel access.
  • California leads the charge: The partnership aligns with California’s zero-emission goals.

Driving Clean: This partnership marks a significant step towards a greener future. Nikola’s hydrogen trucks offer a zero-emissions alternative for heavy-duty transport, while FEF’s expertise in hydrogen infrastructure paves the way for wider adoption. The Oakland station, strategically located near the port, serves as a prime example of their collaboration.

Beyond Oakland: Nikola’s plans extend beyond the initial station. They aim to build a network of up to 60 stations across California, including HYLA branded stations, customer-owned stations, and partnerships with existing truck stops. This comprehensive approach ensures convenient access to hydrogen fuel for Nikola customers.

Shared Vision: Both companies share a commitment to transforming the transportation industry. Nikola’s innovative trucks and FEF’s fueling solutions create a powerful synergy that can reshape the landscape of clean transportation. Their shared expertise and vision will be instrumental in driving the transition to a hydrogen-powered future.

California’s Champion: California, a leader in reducing carbon emissions, finds an ally in Nikola’s hydrogen trucks. The Oakland station marks a significant milestone in the state’s quest for clean air, especially in high-traffic areas like ports.

Beyond California: This partnership’s impact extends beyond California’s borders. FEF’s commitment to building hydrogen infrastructure serves as a model for other regions looking to adopt clean transportation solutions. The collaboration paves the way for a wider network of hydrogen fueling stations, accelerating the transition to a greener future for all.


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