NIO Unveils ONVO Brand and L60 Model

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NIO has introduced its new smart electric vehicle brand, ONVO, and its first model, the L60, at the West Bund in Shanghai. This marks a significant step in NIO’s multi-brand development strategy, emphasizing family-oriented design and innovative technology.

Key Highlights

  • Brand Name and Logo: ONVO, derived from “On Voyage,” is known in Chinese as “Le Dao,” meaning “Path to Happiness.” The logo symbolizes an upward path, reflecting the brand’s commitment to growing with families and enhancing their journeys.
  • First Model – L60: The ONVO L60, a smart electric mid-size family SUV, is now available for preordering with a starting price of RMB 219,900. Deliveries will begin in Q3 2024.
  • Development and Capabilities: ONVO leverages NIO’s decade-long expertise and resources, including over RMB 43 billion invested in R&D across 12 full-stack technology capabilities.

ONVO’s Vision and Philosophy

ONVO aims to create a better family life by offering premium-quality vehicles tailored to family needs. The brand’s development philosophy focuses on enhancing user experiences through innovative design and technology. The Value Formula developed by ONVO maximizes experience value while optimizing ownership costs, setting new standards in the family car market.

NIO Unveils ONVO Brand and L60 Model

L60 Features and Performance

The ONVO L60 is designed to excel in six key user scenarios: safety, space comfort, smart cabin and digital experience, driving range and recharging ease, ride handling, and intelligent driving. Key features include:

  • 900V High-Voltage Architecture: This industry-leading technology ensures impressive energy efficiency (92.3% CLTC) and the world’s lowest drag coefficient (0.229) for a production SUV.
  • Ultra Long Range Battery: The L60 boasts a CLTC range of over 1,000 km, with an energy consumption of 12.1 kWh per 100 km.
  • Spacious Cabin: The design offers ample space for occupants and their luggage, ensuring comfort for family travels.

Advanced Driving and Charging Solutions

The L60 benefits from NIO’s advanced assisted and intelligent driving capabilities, promising a reliable and intuitive driving experience nationwide in China. Additionally, ONVO users can utilize NIO Power’s “Chargeable, Swappable, Upgradable” solution, enjoying 3-minute battery swaps at over 1,000 stations across China.

Statements from NIO Leadership

William Li, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of NIO, expressed confidence in ONVO’s success, highlighting the brand’s robust system capabilities developed over three years. Alan Ai, Senior Vice President of NIO and President of ONVO, emphasized ONVO’s mission to enhance family life, celebrating “happiness on every path we travel with family.”

About NIO

Founded in 2014, NIO is a global leader in smart electric vehicles, committed to delivering high-performance vehicles and exceptional user experiences. NIO has developed advanced technologies across 12 domains, filed over 8,700 patents, and established extensive R&D and manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company’s innovative service models and expansive sales and service networks further solidify its position in the premium electric vehicle market.

NIO continues to pioneer in smart electric vehicle technology, with a lineup that includes eight models and extensive charging infrastructure. The company’s focus on seamless user experiences and community engagement sets it apart as a leader in the industry.

Bottom Line

NIO’s launch of the ONVO brand and the L60 model represents a strategic move to cater to family-oriented customers with cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design. With its robust development capabilities and innovative service offerings, ONVO is poised to redefine family vehicles and enhance family life.

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