Nissan, Ecobat Boost EV Battery Life

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Nissan has partnered with Ecobat Solutions UK Ltd. to extend the useful life of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in the United Kingdom. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in creating a sustainable circular energy economy by focusing on the recovery, repair, and repurposing of used EV batteries, primarily from the Nissan LEAF series.

Nissan, a pioneer in electric mobility since the launch of the LEAF in 2011, joins forces with Ecobat to leverage their combined expertise in battery technology and recycling. The Strategic Pilot Agreement aims to commercialize the lifecycle management of EV batteries. It includes processes for locating, transporting, dismantling, and testing batteries to ensure they are fit for second-life applications, which could range from emergency power backups to mobile power charging systems.

Key Highlights:

  • Sustainable Battery Lifecycle Management: The partnership focuses on extending the lifespan of EV batteries, contributing to a circular economy.
  • Expert Collaboration: Combines Nissan’s long-standing battery expertise with Ecobat’s recycling innovation.
  • Environmental Impact: Supports Nissan’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Innovative Repurposing: Batteries that are viable for reuse will be redirected to various applications, while others will be recycled safely.
Nissan, Ecobat Boost EV Battery Life

Alan Low, EV Battery Circular Economy Manager at Nissan Energy Services, emphasized the importance of this initiative: “We are working together with Ecobat to assess how we engage with salvage operators, manage transportation, test, repair and reuse electric vehicle batteries in order to understand the commercial value chain. These are batteries from cars that have been dismantled due to old age or that have been written off by insurers, however the batteries themselves still have an opportunity to be reused.”

At Ecobat’s facility in Darlaston, batteries undergo further assessments using Nissan’s methodologies to determine their safety and long-term performance. Tom Seward, EU Key Accounts Director (Northern & UK) at Ecobat Solutions UK Ltd, highlighted the company’s commitment to safety and compliance: “We provide a specialist offering for battery handling, with highly skilled engineers trained to work on high voltage batteries, in full compliance with UK battery regulations.”

Since its establishment, Ecobat’s UK Diagnostic and Disassembly Centre has processed thousands of batteries, significantly contributing to the recycling and repurposing of EV components in the region. With the opening of its third Li-Ion recycling facility this year, Ecobat will further enhance its capacity to handle an increasing volume of used batteries.

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