Nxu One™ Charges Forward: First Unit Begins Electrifying 2024

Nxu Inc., a domestic innovator in EV charging and energy storage, hit the gas pedal on the electrified future with the completion of its first commercial NxuOne™ 750kW EV Charging Solution unit in December 2023. This milestone marks the official start of production for NxuOne™, paving the way for a seamless charging experience for EV drivers and a robust expansion of charging infrastructure in 2024.

The NxuOne™ stands out as the only universal, dual-technology solution for public charging. Its 750kW modular design scales effortlessly to megawatt+ power, guaranteeing rapid, consistent charging every time. But NxuOne™ goes beyond raw power. By supporting bi-directional DC and AC capabilities, it paves the way for grid stabilization and renewable energy integration, creating a truly future-proof charging ecosystem.

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“We’re thrilled to debut our first NxuOne™ unit and kickstart a year brimming with opportunities,” said Nxu Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Hanchett. “We’re collaborating with key partners and potential customers to build a powerful network of chargers, fueling the electrified future we all envision.”

Beyond partnerships, Nxu offers a taste of the future right now. Their original NxuOne™ unit is already operational at their Mesa, Arizona facility, welcoming public charging 24/7. With a simple NxuOne Charging profile, users can experience the convenience and reliability that Nxu’s proprietary technology delivers.

This Mesa location serves as a stepping stone. Nxu has already set its sights on strategic deployments across the country, starting with Quartzsite, Arizona, expected to break ground in 2024. Additionally, key California locations like Tehachapi, North Edwards, and Barstow, situated within the crucial NEVI corridor 7, are poised to receive NxuOne™ chargers, thanks to potential grant funding from the California Energy Commission’s NEVI Formula Program.

With the first NxuOne™ unit humming away, Nxu is revving up for a pivotal year. Their commitment to powerful, versatile charging solutions is electrifying the industry and paving the way for a smoother, more sustainable future for electric vehicles.


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