Orange EV Delivers 1,000th Electric Truck

Orange EV, a leader in zero-emission heavy-duty trucks, recently celebrated a significant milestone by producing its 1,000th pure-electric Class 8 terminal truck. This landmark truck was delivered to Lazer Logistics, marking a major step in sustainable logistics. Lazer Logistics is a front-runner in efficient, innovative yard management solutions and has been a long-term partner of Orange EV.

Why It Matters

The delivery of the 1,000th electric truck by Orange EV is more than just a numerical achievement. It signifies a major shift in the logistics industry towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This milestone reflects the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and highlights the feasibility and efficiency of electrifying heavy-duty vehicles in commercial settings.

Key Points

  • Pioneering Industry Change: Orange EV initiated the electric terminal truck revolution in 2015, setting new standards for performance, reliability, and sustainability in heavy-duty trucks.
  • Impressive Track Record: Over 8 years, Orange EV trucks have covered 11.8 million miles and 4 million hours of operation, boasting an average of more than 98% uptime.
  • Lazer Logistics’ Commitment: As North America’s largest provider of yard management services, Lazer Logistics has been instrumental in pushing for the electrification of yard operations, aligning with its sustainability goals.
  • Operational Benefits: The partnership between Orange EV and Lazer Logistics emphasizes not just environmental benefits but also operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Bottom Line

Orange EV’s achievement of producing its 1,000th electric truck marks a pivotal moment in the transition to sustainable logistics. This milestone is a testament to the industry’s growing inclination towards eco-friendly solutions. By providing a proven, efficient, and reliable heavy-duty electric vehicle solution, the company and Lazer Logistics are leading the way in redefining the norms of container- and trailer-handling operations, offering increased power, efficiency, and significant cost savings, all while reducing environmental impact. This development is a clear indication of the sustainable transformation underway in the logistics industry.


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