PFG Advances in Sustainable Distribution

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Performance Food Group (PFG) and key partners recently showcased their latest sustainable efforts at the Gilroy, CA facility in celebration of Earth Day 2024. The collaboration includes industry leaders such as Volvo Trucks North America, Advanced Energy Machines, FreeWire Technologies, and GridMarket, all contributing to a model distribution center that highlights the future of sustainable practices in the food service industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Zero-Emission Fleet Expansion: PFG has introduced seven zero-emission Volvo VNR Electric trucks, aiming to shift away from diesel.
  • Solar and Battery Integration: A significant installation of rooftop solar panels and battery storage systems supports the facility’s energy needs.
  • Innovative Charging Technology: FreeWire Technologies has implemented advanced charging stations that are essential for maintaining the fleet.

In its quest to reduce its carbon footprint, PFG has taken substantial steps by integrating zero-tailpipe emission vehicles and solar power generation into its operations. Jeff Williamson, senior vice president of Operations at PFG, emphasized the importance of this initiative: “What we’ve achieved at our Gilroy facility is a testament to how strong collaboration by all parties can have significant, positive results that benefit the environment and lead the way when it comes to distribution center sustainability.”

Fleet and Technology Advancements

PFG’s Gilroy facility now includes 30+ zero-emission SolarTechTRUs from Advanced Energy Machines, significantly reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 20 tons per TRU annually. This transformation is supported by California’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), which helped fund the purchase of the electric trucks.

Davina Hurt, a Board Member of the California Air Resources Board, praised PFG’s efforts: “Private industry across California and across sectors is stepping up to be a part of the solutions that are needed to fight climate change, improve air quality and ensure economic competitiveness.”

PFG Advances in Sustainable Distribution

Charging Infrastructure and Energy Management

To support its growing fleet of electric vehicles, PFG partnered with FreeWire Technologies to install 15 Boost Chargers capable of charging 30 Class 8 tractors simultaneously. These chargers utilize a battery-integrated system to deliver ultra-fast charging while reducing grid strain.

Rob Anderson, Director of Fleet Sales at FreeWire, commented on the project’s impact: “By using FreeWire’s battery-integrated charging technology, PFG was able to add 3MW of power needed for ultrafast charging to their existing facility, leapfrogging the local utility company’s three-year timeline.”

Sustainable Power Solutions

The integration of a solar and battery storage project through GridMarket’s platform has been pivotal. This installation not only supports the facility’s electric fleet but also enhances its overall energy efficiency and sustainability.

Peter Schneider of GridMarket highlighted the strategic importance of this project: “The solar and battery storage installation at Gilroy represents not only a significant value for PFG’s sustainability goals but also helps make electrification a reality by providing the corresponding onsite energy infrastructure to balance charging demand.”

PFG’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident as it continues to partner with leading technology firms to enhance its facilities across North America, ensuring that its operations are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. This initiative represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future in the food distribution industry.

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