REE Automotive Introduces Advanced P7-S Platform

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REE Automotive Ltd. (Nasdaq: REE) unveiled its latest innovation, the P7-S stripped chassis, at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas. This next-generation class 5 chassis, designed with a leading delivery fleet, aims to enhance delivery efficiencies and fleet management. The first demo delivery is scheduled for June 2024.

Key Highlights:

  • P7-S Chassis Features: Utilizes P7 REEcorners® for a fully flat platform with low step-in height, modular configuration, high payload, and all-wheel steer.
  • Software-Driven Innovation: Allows OEMs and fleet owners to upgrade to full by-wire technology.
  • First Demo Delivery: Set for June 2024 to a leading delivery fleet.
  • Modular Design: Offers flexibility in dimensions and design freedom for fleets and body builders to develop custom EVs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Shares service and operational similarities with P7-C to improve total cost of ownership and spare-parts inventory management.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives: Eligible for U.S. federal tax credits and state incentives, potentially up to $100,000 per vehicle.

REE Automotive showcased its new P7-S stripped chassis at the ACT Expo, aiming to provide a fully flat, modular, and high-payload platform for delivery fleets. This next-gen chassis, designed in collaboration with a leading delivery fleet, promises to revolutionize fleet management and delivery efficiencies.

P7-S Design and Features: The P7-S chassis employs P7 REEcorners®, making it a full by-wire chassis. This design allows for significant flexibility in dimensions and design, enabling fleets and body builders to create purpose-built EVs, such as step-vans and box trucks. The P7-S can be configured with both front and rear cabins, enhancing fleet utilization and OEM compatibility.

Operational Benefits: By incorporating P7 REEcorners®, the P7-S shares similarities with the P7-C chassis, improving total cost of ownership (TCO) and spare-parts management. Additionally, REE offers a certified P7-C chassis cab eligible for U.S. federal tax credits, which, combined with state incentives, could total up to $100,000 per vehicle.

Upgrade Options: The current Powered by REE® lineup provides three upgrade paths for OEMs and fleet owners to adopt full by-wire, software-driven technology:

  • Incorporate REEcorners® into existing vehicles.
  • Build an electric truck on the P7-S stripped chassis.
  • Order a certified P7-C cab chassis.

These options allow for reduced time to market while providing customizable solutions.

“From the start, we have been attuned to the voice of the customer and therefore decided to design our products with fleets in mind, by working directly with them during the design process to create the best electric truck or chassis they need,” said Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE Automotive.

Customizable Specifications:

  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR): Class 4 (16,000 lbs) or Class 5 (18,300 lbs)
  • Length: 234 to 341 inches
  • Track width: 83.1 inches
  • Wheelbase: 157.5 to 236.2 inches
  • Battery: 84-168 kWh
  • Range: Up to 210 miles
  • Platform height: 24 inches
  • Payload: Up to 10,000 lbs
  • Turning diameter: Minimum 39 ft

About REE Automotive: REE Automotive (Nasdaq: REE) is a leading automotive technology company enabling the development of electric vehicles on modular platforms. The innovative REEcorner® integrates critical components into a compact module, offering unprecedented design freedom and efficiency. As the first company to FMVSS certify a fully by-wire vehicle in the U.S., REE’s technology eliminates the need for mechanical connections, facilitating flat EV platforms with increased room for passengers and cargo. For more information, visit REE Automotive.

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