Rimac and EVE Energy Forge European Battery Partnership

Rimac Technology and EVE Energy have unveiled their collaboration for producing battery cells in Europe, a significant announcement made during the IAA Mobility event held in Munich.

Why It Matters

This collaboration between two industry heavyweights marks a pivotal step toward addressing the rising demand for sustainable energy solutions. Furthermore, by establishing a local European supply chain, the partnership is poised to enhance sustainability and efficiency within the automotive sector across the continent.

Key Points

  • The partnership will kick off its manufacturing operations in Europe by 2027.
  • Rimac Technology is a notable provider of high-performance automotive technology solutions globally. Their main focus in this collaboration will be the development and high-volume production of a battery module and pack platform using the cells.
  • EVE Energy, a top-tier manufacturer of lithium batteries and a pioneer of the 46xx cylindrical cell format, will prioritize cell manufacturing in this alliance.
  • At the heart of the collaboration is the 46xx platform of Rimac Technology, already garnering significant interest for its potential usage in large projects by major European OEMs. This platform promises:
    • High-performance battery systems at competitive prices.
    • Fully customizable configurations.
    • Leading energy density in its class.
    • Customizable cell-to-pack solutions.
    • Advanced battery management systems.
  • A notable feature of the 46xx cylindrical cells is their alignment with evolving regulations about thermal propagation, thus ensuring superior thermal management crucial for electric vehicle safety and reliability.

Bottom Line

In the words of Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Group, “EVE Energy is a global frontrunner in lithium battery manufacturing. Their commitment to advancing lithium battery solutions aligns seamlessly with our vision for the electric vehicle and energy storage sectors.” Jincheng Liu, Founder & Chairman of EVE Energy, lauds Rimac’s reputation for innovation, expressing enthusiasm about their combined endeavor to set new standards in battery systems production.


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