Rivian R1S Achieves Historic Rubicon Trail Feat

Rivian’s R1S has become the inaugural production electric vehicle (EV) to successfully navigate the Rubicon Trail. Piloted by Rivian’s skilled test and development team, this stock Quad-Motor R1S undertook the trail’s challenges and emerged triumphant.

Why It Matters

The Rubicon Trail stands as one of North America’s most demanding off-road tracks. Completing it is a testament to a vehicle’s durability and capability. Rivian’s achievement showcases not just the potential of electric vehicles in off-road conditions but also paves the way for sustainable off-roading in the future.

Key Points

  • The trail was covered in its entirety from the Loon Lake entrance to the Tahoma staging area between Monday, August 7th, starting at 7:45 am, and concluding on Wednesday, August 9th around 3:30 pm.
  • Vehicle Specs and Performance:
    • The R1S was in its original form, inclusive of its 34-inch Pirelli all-terrain tires.
    • Only additions were steel rock sliders, a roof rack, and front tow hitch receivers.
    • The vehicle’s battery was at 80% when the journey began and depleted to just below 10% by its conclusion, sufficient to access a nearby level 2 charger.
    • Energy consumption was roughly 75% of the total pack, akin to utilizing 3 gallons of gasoline.
  • Support and Performance:
    • Two pre-production Quad-Motor R1Ts from Rivian’s fleet assisted during the trail’s initial leg, with a modified Jeep Wrangler taking over for subsequent trail support.
    • The R1S remained free of mechanical failures or tire replacements, although minor cosmetic damages were noted.
    • Rivian’s team, specialized in high-tier off-road driving and versed in fire safety and Tread Lightly! Principles, facilitated the drive.

Bottom Line

This remarkable achievement by Rivian’s R1S not only sets a new standard for electric vehicles but also reinforces the promise of sustainable off-roading. Matt Trainham, Rivian’s Director of Vehicle Testing, expresses optimism for the future of off-roading. Echoing these sentiments, Chris Director from the Rubicon Trail Foundation lauded the R1S’s performance, emphasizing its distinction as the first production EV to conquer the trail. The Rubicon Trail Foundation continues its mission to champion the trail’s sustainability and ensure a memorable experience for all users.


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