Rivian Unveils Next-Gen R1S, R1T

Rivian has launched the second generation of its R1S SUV and R1T pickup, featuring significant enhancements in performance, technology, and design. These new models include Rivian’s own Quad Motor, delivering 1,025 horsepower, with prices starting at $69,900. Key updates include new battery packs, advanced autonomy systems, and a redesigned software interface.

Key Highlights

  • Advanced Performance: The Quad Motor configuration offers 1,025 horsepower and 0-60 mph in under 2.5 seconds.
  • Extended Range: New battery packs provide up to 420 miles of range.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Features a new electrical architecture, Rivian Autonomy Platform, and improved safety systems.
  • Enhanced Design: Includes new exterior paint options, blackout trims, and a customizable interior lighting system.
  • Sustainability Focus: Achieves a 15% lower carbon footprint than the first generation.

Performance for Every Adventure

The new R1 platform significantly enhances power, performance, and range. Rivian’s Tri-Motor and Quad-Motor configurations, now fully designed and built in-house, set new standards. The 1,025 horsepower Quad-Motor R1T can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 2.5 seconds and offers 1,198 lb-ft of torque using Launch Mode. Redesigned battery packs, including Large and Max options, provide up to 420 miles of range, while a new lithium iron phosphate-based Standard pack offers up to 270 miles. A redesigned heat pump-based thermal system and new 22-inch aero wheels further optimize efficiency and range.

Advanced Technology

The second generation R1 vehicles feature a completely new electrical architecture, reducing the number of ECUs from 17 to 7, and cutting 1.6 miles of wiring per vehicle. The new Rivian Autonomy Platform, powered by 11 cameras, five radars, and AI prediction technology, offers industry-leading compute power. Standard features include high-resolution camera Blind Spot Monitoring and Highway Assist, with premium options available. New headlights and taillights with Adaptive Drive Beam technology enhance road safety.

New Experiences and Designs

Rivian’s second-generation R1S and R1T introduce several new features and options. Car keys can now be stored in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, or with select Google Pixel devices. A new Rivian-developed sound system with Dolby Atmos® provides an immersive audio experience. Connect+, a subscription service, supports streaming video through Google Cast and offers access to over 3,000 apps. The interior includes a Dynamic Glass Roof and customizable lighting, with a redesigned software interface powered by Unreal Engine.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Rivian’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the new R1 vehicles, which achieve a 15% lower carbon footprint compared to the first generation. The innovative electrical zonal architecture reduces manufacturing costs and parts, resulting in 50% fewer CO2 emissions from manufacturing compared to 2022 models. These advancements support Rivian’s mission to accelerate EV adoption and protect the environment.

Pricing and Availability

The second-generation R1S starts at $75,900, and the R1T starts at $69,900. Production is based in Normal, Illinois, with deliveries available immediately. Customers can order their vehicles at www.Rivian.com.

About Rivian

Rivian (NASDAQ: RIVN) is an American automotive manufacturer dedicated to building innovative and technologically advanced electric vehicles. The company aims to accelerate the global transition to zero-emission transportation and energy. Rivian vehicles are designed for both consumer and commercial markets, with a mission to preserve the natural world for future generations. More information is available at www.rivian.com.

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