Silicon EV Batteries: Ferroglobe & Coreshell Pact

Ferroglobe PLC, a leading producer of silicon metal and ferroalloys, in partnership with Coreshell, a pioneering U.S.-based battery technology company, have embarked on a transformative journey. Their memorandum of understanding marks the advent of the world’s first battery-grade metallurgical silicon specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs). This collaboration promises to overcome longstanding barriers in the EV industry, offering a groundbreaking alternative to traditional graphite and silane-based silicon solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership for pioneering battery-grade metallurgical silicon.
  • Enhanced EV batteries: Aim for lower costs and extended range.
  • Innovative technology: Coreshell’s nanomaterial electrode coating and Ferroglobe’s metallurgical purification.
  • Potential impact: Significant increase in EV driving range and cost reduction.

Ferroglobe and Coreshell’s memorandum signifies a pivotal moment in the pursuit of efficient, cost-effective EV batteries. By leveraging Ferroglobe’s cost-efficient silicon production process and Coreshell’s unique electrode coating technology, they aim to address the auto industry’s pressing challenges. Electric vehicles currently face significant cost and range limitations, attributed to the expensive and less efficient graphite-based batteries. The introduction of metallurgical silicon as a viable material for anodes in lithium-ion batteries is set to revolutionize this scenario.

Silicon, capable of storing up to ten times more energy than graphite, emerges as a game-changer for increasing the driving range of EVs by approximately 30%. Coreshell’s breakthrough technology prevents rapid degradation of silicon, ensuring longevity and performance of the batteries. Ferroglobe’s metallurgical silicon, purified to up to 99.995% without chemical reagents, stands as a testament to innovative, sustainable production methods.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives:

“We believe battery-grade, micrometric silicon is the fastest path to decarbonizing the mobility industry,” stated Benoist Ollivier of Ferroglobe, highlighting the partnership’s potential to catalyze clean energy transition in automotive manufacturing.

Echoing this sentiment, Jonathan Tan of Coreshell remarked on the scalability and cost-efficiency of using metallurgical silicon, underscoring its role in advancing low-cost, long-range EV batteries through a sustainable, domestic supply chain.

About Ferroglobe and Coreshell: Ferroglobe leads globally in silicon and ferroalloy production, catering to diverse end markets, including solar and automotive. Coreshell Technologies, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing electric vehicle battery capacity and reducing costs, contributing significantly to the clean energy transition.

This strategic partnership between Ferroglobe and Coreshell is not just a leap towards innovative battery technology but a stride towards sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective electric vehicle manufacturing, promising a brighter, cleaner future for global mobility.

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