Solar EV Charging Innovation Launched

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In a significant stride towards sustainability, evec, a trailblazer in affordable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has unveiled its latest product: the solar-integrated VEC01 EV charger. This innovative charger presents a green alternative for EV owners, allowing them to leverage solar energy for vehicle charging, marking a notable advancement in the use of renewable resources.

The solar VEC01 stands out as an exemplary solution for environmentally conscious individuals seeking to diminish their carbon footprint. It capitalizes on solar power to offer a sustainable and cost-effective charging method at home, provided there’s existing access to solar panels. This development is timely, as solar-integrated EV chargers are becoming increasingly efficient and economically feasible due to technological advancements and reduced installation costs.

The introduction of the solar VEC01 follows the winter 2023 release of evec’s tethered solar integrated VEC03, reinforcing the company’s commitment to eco-friendly charging alternatives. Priced at £769.99, inclusive of installation, this product is poised to meet the needs of those residing in areas where conventional power supplies are scarce or unreliable.

Tom Bloor, evec’s Managing Director, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “There’s something really exciting about using renewable energy to power our vehicles.” He highlighted the dual benefits of reducing environmental impact while enjoying the perks of electric mobility.

In collaboration with premium installers nationwide, evec ensures that customers purchasing the solar-integrated VEC01 through their website are assigned a local, trained installer, guaranteeing a swift and efficient setup process. Bloor reassured customers of the quality and reliability of their installation service, emphasizing the comprehensive training all evec installers receive.

The solar VEC01 charger boasts an array of features designed to enhance user experience and safety. It is CE and UKCA-approved, corrosion-resistant, fire retardant, and rated IP54 for dust and weather resistance. Additional attributes include a universal Type 1 & Type 2 charging port, built-in LED indicators, PEN protection, RCD with 30 milliamp Type A and 6 milliamp DC, full OCPP 1.6J protocols for smart charging, load balancing, adjustable power settings, and the inclusion in the Monta program, which allows owners to earn from sharing their charge points. The charger’s solar integration and eco function further underscore its environmental appeal.

This launch signifies a forward leap in combining renewable energy with electric mobility, offering a practical, eco-friendly charging solution for EV owners.

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